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Cuba motorcycle tours for women by motodiscoveryThis tour is specially dedicated and designed for women riding enthusiasts. The route will travel paved roads throughout. Roads and conditions are perfectly suitable for any experienced motorcycle touring enthusiast. Climate for this date is during the dry season with only a remote chance of rain. This tour, like all Cuba tours, will have numerous people to people events in order to be compliant with US Office of Assets Control regulations regarding travel of US citizens to Cuba.

Offering all-women motorcycle tours is not new to MotoDiscovery. We’ve watched the movement grow, driven by ladies such as Alisa Clickenger.

A passionate promoter of women in motorcycling, her summer 2016 staging of the Centennial Sisters Ride commemorating the 100 year anniversary of Augusta and Adeline Van Buren’s 1916 cross USA journey proves that women who ride is beyond novelty. An all women ride of Cuba may not be novel, but it certainly will shake things up a bit and certain to get attention internationally.

Women's Motorcycle Tours Cuba. This one is just for the ladies.


Motodiscovery Cuba motorcycle women's tourMotoDiscovery is the leader and most experienced operator of motorcycle tours in Cuba. Earning a prestigious license in 2012 from the US Treasury Dept. and Office of Foreign Assets Control, we have been authorized to legally provide tour services in Cuba for US citizens. This prestigious, women guest only motorcycle tour of Cuba comes at a time just as a half century US imposed embargo is softening. For the first time, US citizens are gaining access in great numbers to the once forbidden island.

Cuba is enchanting despite the lingering flaws that remain from the triumph of Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution. You’ll ride open roads with little traffic, be treated to diverse scenery including lush tropics, beautiful mountains as well as the crystal waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The real treasure of Cuba, however, is its people.  Educated, extremely resourceful and proud, MotoDiscovery riders are genuinely welcomed (an odd response you might say after decades of Cold War adversarial attitudes). Government posturing is one thing; the sentiments of the people are another.

Womens motorcycle tour Cuba with MotodiscoveryWe are excited to have this opportunity to partner with Women’s Motorcycle Tours, sharing the Cuba we have come to know so well. Women riders will no doubt be a novelty here and this group is certain to gain attention all along the way. So don’t wait. Sign up now as space is limited.

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