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This event is almost entirely on paved roads with exception of occasional sections of road construction or optional excursions. It is also an adventure tour in that it will call on riders to be involved in navigation, be GPS familiar, participate in border crossing processes, and deal with the usual challenges associated with cultural and language differences.


UPDATE February 10,  2015

Windows open. Windows close. We’ve enjoyed years of riding from Istanbul through the seven countries that circle the Black Sea however it seems that the current situation in Ukraine makes tentative any chance of us safely riding that region in the near future. So unfortunately for the time being the window is closed and we will be postponing all travel in Crimea, the Ukraine and along the frontier area with Russia.

The Black Sea region is unique. It’s geography has through the millennia made it a passage for the conquered and the vanquished. It seems that some things never change. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a tragedy and we hope that soon peace will prevail and we will once again make the MotoDiscovery Around the Black Sea Tour available.  - Skip Mascorro, MotoDiscovery Founder

Motorcycle adventure touring around the black seaAny tour that has an association with Turkey is a great tour. Istanbul is magical and a fitting place to begin this journey that circumnavigates a sea so rich in legend, historical significance and geographical prominence. Seven countries have shores that touch the waters of the Black Sea and we’ll be getting passports stamped in each of them.

The ride is as varied as the unique cultures preserved by each country traveled. There will be the manicured vineyards of Moldova, a tiny country famous for its wines. The rugged mountains of the Caucuses of Russia and Georgia Republic offer some of Europe’s greatest riding. Fishing villages contrast with cities of classic European architecture and colorless inspirations of the Soviet era. It is all here, layer after layer of history that is fresh as well as ancient. After all it is the Black Sea where it is suggested the great biblical flood took place.

This tour is for adventurers. No, it will not be necessarily challenging of one’s skills. Any experienced touring enthusiast can manage this one fine. But it is a longer tour that will promote independence, exploration and call on you to use navigational skills and use of GPS, which is required. Those who enjoy this tour the most are spirited individuals who break away to make their own discoveries, and there are so many to be made riding the legendary shores of the Black Sea…only with MotoDiscovery.

Please book early. Russia visa is required.

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