Tour Character

This tour is routed primarily on paved roads that will be in varied state of condition and in some cases disrepair however manageable by any experienced touring enthusiast.

The Best way to Experience Bhutan

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a destination known to but a privileged few. Only in the 1970’s was the country opened to outsiders with modern influences such as television and telephones virtually unheard of. It is exactly for this reason that this devout Tibetan Buddhist little nation is so attractive and intriguing.

Your tour will start with your arrival in Delhi, India. If desired you can come in early for an optional overnight excursion to experience the wonder of the Taj-Majal in Agra. From Delhi the group flies domestic airline to West Bengal, India where you are staged for entry into Bhutan. The usual border formalities will soon have you crossing into the Land of Thunder Dragon.

Bhutan is nestled beneath the mighty Himalayas, a geographical fortress separating it from Tibetan China. The views are magnificent. The people you will find to be extremely welcoming to outsiders, timid and deeply spiritual. Peace and tranquility are so revered here that the government has created a barometer for measuring what is referred to as GNH…Gross National Happiness. When not riding and interacting with the locals, there are visits to such highlights as the 17th-century Drukyel Dzong (Monastery fortress), only one of many such religious edifices you'll encounter in your travels. The renown Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) Hermitage on the face of a sheer 3,000 ft. cliff will be forever etched in your mind ... an incredible photo opportunity.

This is an adventure and like all MotoDiscovery destinations, an experience that is authentic and unique. And to those who feel this ride requires a mega modern touring motorcycle, you’ll be happily amazed at the fun of riding the Royal Enfield Bullet, a motorcycle that is in perfect rhythm with its environment. After all it is not what gets you is where it takes you.

Sign up early. You will need to apply for an India visa.We will obtain your Bhutan visa and the necessary permissions to enter the country but the process is involved and requires lead time.

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