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This is a light adventure event that will involve occasional unpaved surfaces, plantation roads and access to more remote and desirable rural accommodations. This event is not for the novice motorcyclist however should be easily handled by the experienced touring enthusiast. By design the pace is moderate and distances relatively short, allowing one to enjoy the country as well as take on optional riding excursions. The paved roads have a reputation for sections of potholes and asphalt upheaval due to the heavy tropical season rains and geological instability. That aside, Costa Rica is as enjoyable a country as you will find anywhere in Latin America for fun motorcycle touring.

Discover the Authentic Costa Rica

Costa Rica Motorcycle TourCosta Rica has long been one of our favorite countries in Latin America. With a population that enjoys a higher literacy rate than the USA, over 25% of the land dedicated to reserves and national parks and an abundance of wildlife, this tour never fails to enchant. Because we have exceptional local resources, we also offer this tour in a value packed customized “self guided” version.

This is the perfect one week getaway. There are highlights of this small country that we consider essential. The smoldering and often boisterous volcano of Arenal, the Central Highlands and the Pacific Coast peninsula of Nicoya to name a few. This country is lush with coffee plantations and cloud forests that keep you entertained with the howling of monkeys. The accommodations are equally exciting, eco-friendly, authentic and welcoming.

Costa Rica continues to be an exceptional value, only three hours by air from Houston. Tour dates are offered outside of the rain season and there is no more perfect winter getaway. For those who desire an extended stay for fishing, birding, white water rafting, count on MotoDiscovery to facilitate your every wish. We also offer 4X4 vehicle options and have enjoyed preparing custom tours and events for families and for special occasions such as honeymoons and reunions. Count on MotoDiscovery to do all we can to make sure your Costa Rica holiday is the best! Call us for consultation and answers to all your Costa Rica questions.

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