Cuba 15 Day Motorcycle Tour

People to People Experiences: 15 days and 1,600 miles of riding in Cuba Pure BoliviaPURE Moab + Training

Tour Character

Primarily on paved roads with occasional unpaved sections of plantation roads and areas of maintenance or disrepair. Easily navigated by any experienced touring enthusiast. More comprehensive  than the 9 Day Cuba tour covering a larger area of the island with additional People-to-People (P2P) experiences. 

Cuba...No Better Time Than Now

Through an exclusive arrangement with Antilles Travel, MotoDiscovery is authorized to advertise and promote these events that are possible under the license held by Antilles Travel LLC, OFAC License No. CT-2013-299634-1

Flights take you directly from Miami to Havana.

You will be provided a comprehensive itinerary of daily activities designed to inform, educate and promote meaningful people to people exchange.

There is no better way to engage the people of Cuba than by traveling on two wheels. A ride through the countryside, stopping in rural villages, participating in our comprehensive schedule of People-to-People (P2P) exchanges will be a truly rewarding experience.

Havana will be our point of arrival and departure. The bay is dominated by the imposing Spanish Castillo de Tres Reyes de Morro, ordered to be built by the King of Spain in 1563 an indication of the importance of Cuba in the New World and the threat of pirates in the region. Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with centuries of history that touches all of the Americas in one way or another.

Santeria is a religion of rituals heavily based on saint worship blending West African influences with a curious Roman Catholic flavor. Santeria is a unique synthesis that evolved to create spiritual fulfillment and a survival tool for a culture enduring the hardships and pains of slavery. You will learn of how Santeria has integrated into much of Cuba's society.

No matter your motorcycle brand preference, the Harlistas of Cuba are legendary and enjoy a near celebrity status even in their home country. Passionate in their love of the Harley- Davidson we will arrange encounters with members of this affable clan and learn, one on one, how they have managed to keep these machines alive through economic deprivations and the lack of spare parts. If there is a symbol of resourcefulness in this country it is evident in the vehicles of Cuba, especially the motorcycles.

The influences of Spain are prominent in the town of Trinidad founded in 1514. As a national monument you will experience a preserved example of Spanish Colonial architecture with its coble stoned streets, quaint plazas, mansions and churches. Open air dances are regularly staged adjacent to the church at the plaza major...just follow the music!

Cigars. If you have a friend who lights up he (or she) will certainly beg you to bring a few home. Sorry. Cuban cigars are still on the list of prohibited items that you can bring into the USA. Still, tobacco has a long and fascinating history and to witness the maestros hand rolling the beautiful cured leaves is an essential activity while in Cuba. You will learn of tobacco's role in the economy and how the demand for this product of the New World contributed to the growth of the slave trade in the Americas.

Select dates will be hosted by Cuba specialist and award winning author, Christopher P. Baker. To learn more about Christopher or to order his book, Mi Moto Fidel, Motorcycling Castro's Cuba, go to this link:

9,749 USD
Add a passenger for 7,749 USD

When do you want to ride this tour? ( 5 dates available )
  • 2014 Departures
  • 2015 Departures

OFAC License No. CT-2013-299634-1

Antilles Travel LLC

Rider on BMW F 700 GS9,749 USD
Rider on BMW F 800 GS9,749 USD
Rider on Harley-Davidson Softtail9,909 USD
Rider on Harley-Davidson Touring9,909 USD
Passenger7,749 USD
Single Occupancy Supplement1,100 USD
Deposit800 USD
  • Tour starts and ends in Miami, FL.
  • 15 days, 1,600 miles
  • Motorcycle Rental required. Price includes BMW F 700 GS or BMW F 800 GS motorcycle rental.
  • Roads are primarily paved and of varying quality with some gravel and unpaved sections.
  • Day 1: Miami, USA
  • Day 2: Fly to Havana
  • Day 3: Havana
  • Day 4: Havana to Viñales
  • Day 5: Viñlales
  • Day 6: Viñlales to Las Terrazas
  • Day 7: Las Terrazas to Havana
  • Day 8: Havana to Santa Clara
  • Day 9: Santa Clara
  • Day 10: Santa Clara to Trinidad
  • Day 11: Trinidad
  • Day 12: Trinidad to Cienfuegos
  • Day 13: Cienfuegos to Bay of Pigs to Havana
  • Day 14: Havana
  • Day 15: Return to Miami, USA
  • Travel under authority OFAC License No. CT-2013-299634-1 Antilles Travel LLC
  • 14 nights (including Miami) accommodations double occupancy
  • All dinners on travel days
  • All breakfasts
  • Occasional lunches
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure Havana
  • Authorized international chartered round trip airfare Miami-Havana
  • Rental motorcycle (see selections and availabilities)
  • Comprehensive program promoting people to people exchanges including cultural tours and Informative educational activities
  • Assorted entrance fees for guided tours
  • Multilingual riding staff
  • Support vehicle with staff assistant
  • Maps and pre-tour preparation materials
  • MotoDiscovery apparel gift
What's Not Included
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Motorcycle fuel
  • Staff tips
  • Trip cancellation/interruption insurance
  • Emergency med-evac insurance
  • Any inclusion not specified.
Is travel legal to Cuba for USA citizens?

Through an exclusive arrangement with Antilles Travel, MotoDiscovery is authorized to advertise and promote these events that are possible under the license held by Antilles Travel LLC. OFAC License No. CT-2013-299634-1

Can I just rent a motorcycle from you and go on my own?


How much independence will I have?

A mandatory full schedule of activities is planned each day. Generally speaking evenings are free. The truth is that the people to people (P2P) activities are widely considered as a bonus and our guests have embraced the value of getting to know the people of Cuba. The educational aspect of our travels to Cuba are not a negative…they are what makes these tours so great.

How are the roads?

They are perfectly suited for motorcycle touring offering a variety of scenery and conditions. There is not a lot of vehicular traffic. The island tends to be in the path of tropical storms during the rain season (July- October) that results in damages and roads under repair. Occasionally we will take an unpaved road to satisfy a P2P activity and to explore the more remote Cuban countryside.

Can I remain behind after the tour?

OFAC rules do not permit you to remain in Cuba after the event.

Is it safe?

By any standard Cuba would be considered safe.  But one can’t be naïve. International travelers understand the importance of using common sense and taking the usual precautions and this would apply to Cuba as well, even with its positive reputation in this regard.

Can you put together a special Cuba tour for just me and my friends?

Certainly. We facilitate custom and private tours all the time. Just be aware that MotoDiscovery takes seriously our obligation to fulfill the demands of the USA government in providing a full schedule of  P2P activities. You will be asked to document the experience as part of our effort to be compliant. Plan ahead. Start talking it up among your friends. Ride Cuba with MotoDiscovery. The time to do it is now.

How big are the groups?

On average about 12 people. A mix of men and women.

When can I book my tour?

Please! Do it as soon as you feel prepared to commit. This is not a tour where you can be added last minute. Securing the necessary visas and permits require lead time. And, the tours have been regular sell outs. Everyone benefits from your advanced planning and commitment.

I’d like more information.

Good. We think it is important to be prepared. Once you have registered for this tour you’ll receive from a very comprehensive Tour Information Booklet weeks in advance of your departure. All the topics you would require to be optimally prepared for your travels are covered. Cuba is unique in may ways so call if you have any questions.

Some good reading?

Here is one that will get you started.

Christopher Bakers Mi Moto Fidel, Motorcycling through Castro’s Cuba

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