Tour Character

Primarily on paved roads with occasional unpaved sections and areas of maintenance or disrepair. Easily navigated by any experienced touring enthusiast. Very moderate pace.


  • Motorcycle Cuba with MotoDiscoveryThe best in Cuba. We are the most experienced motorcycle tour operator on the island, earning the first-ever approval from the US Office of Foreign Assets Control in 2011 to legally travel to Cuba with US citizens.
  • Havana. The city is magic, enjoying a renaissance while retaining its Spanish Colonial charm.  

  • The ride. Expect to be well received by the people of Cuba. Roads lightly traveled will make for enjoyable riding.

  • Casas particulares are home stays. We’ll employ locals to be our hosts on occasion, a great people to people engagement and a fun way to get to know Cuba.

  • The Bay of Pigs. You will swim in the very waters that once served as the beachhead for the USA backed invasion of Cuba in 1961.

  • Trinidad is the Colonial gem of Cuba, a World UNESCO Heritage site that along with the nearby valleys satisfied the world’s sweet tooth as one of the leading producers of sugar. The Casas de Musica will beat to Cuban rhythms and invite dance.

  • Los Harlistas. They are the dedicated riders of the American motorcycle who have devoted themselves to preserving classic bikes, often ridden daily. You will certainly encounter these passionate riders as part of our people to people experience.

  • Note the many inclusions. This event includes your round-trip airfare from Miami to Cuba and visa fees and much more.  

  • Non-riding passengers are free to join us in a spacious and comfortable support van.


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