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This tour involves riding primarily paved roads of varying condition. One will have to quickly become accustomed to and adapt to local driving habits, part of adjusting to foreign environments. This unique experience must be viewed as adventure calling on tolerance and acceptance of native cultures and traditions. This tour is ideal for singles or couples who are spirited and experienced travelers.

We did it in 2006. We're doing it again. Riding Iran.

MotoDiscovery Adventure Motorcycling in IranIn 2006 we again demonstrated the MotoDiscovery pioneering spirit by staging the first ever organized motorcycle tour through the Islamic Republic of Iran for Americans. It was controversial. It was a time of saber rattling and relations between Iran and much of the West had deteriorated to all time low. But we had long heard that when it came to “people to people”, this ancient culture was legendary for its hospitality and willingness to engage. This proved to be the case, way beyond our expectations.

Today things have warmed a bit. That is not to say that the ice between nations has thawed, but those in the know view Iran as a fresh frontier for fascinating travel. Of course we are going.

The logistics are intense, but facilitating your adventure is what we do. MotoDiscovery will again use BMW motorcycles out of Turkey, position them on the frontier with Iran in the Eastern Turkey city of Van, ride in the shadows of the legendary Mount Ararat and make our way  into the land once known as Persia. For over two weeks we will travel through the country, experiencing its ancient archeology, riding the mountains, dipping our toes into the Caspian Sea and being privileged to enjoy the hospitality and welcoming of a people that we guarantee will surprise you.

Visas and other documentation such as carnet de passage for the motorcycles will be managed by MotoDiscovery. And for those of you who have yet to experience Turkey,  you will have an opportunity to spend time in one of the worlds most fascinating cities, Istanbul.

This is an adventure. It is well suited for couples as long as the ladies agree to the hijab law of the land and wear the traditional loosely fitted head scarf while in Iran. The riding will be primarily on paved surfaces with occasional opportunities for explorations off road.

If you have ever wondered about Iran, now is the time to see it for yourself. Windows open and close often in this part of the world. Don’t put this one off. Early planning and preparations are required so if you are interested let us know now.

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