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This is the classic adventure riding experience, blending paved road touring with the challenges and the rewards that come with exploring rural unpaved routes. How challenging is it? That is always a difficult question to answer and depends totally on your skills, experience, and physical dexterity.  In truth, anything that would be broadly considered as “technical” will come at you in only brief and short distances. Have you ridden the Continental Divide? Have you ridden the Copper Canyon descent to Batoplias? You should do fine on this one.

The bigger the bike the more demanding of your skill level. This is not for the novice rider but expert skills are not required either. What you will need is the “spirit” and if you need to tune your skills, get some additional rider training.

Mexico Copper Canyon and Baja Adventure Motorcycle Tour with MotodiscoveryCopper Canyon and the Baja: Up the Challenge. Up the Reward.

After all these years of exploring the Copper Canyon region of Mexico’s Sierra Madres, we still consider this one of the most intriguing and rewarding adventure touring destinations in the Americas. This event is a more rugged and at moments more challenging ride compared to our shorter Copper Canyon Expedition and, includes crossing the tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortez to the Baja.

There are days riding the pavement to get into the heart of the Sierra Madres. Once there we will descend off road from the high pine country that reaches over 7,000 ft, into the depths of the rugged canyons where the chaparral landscape follows a sinuous series of roads that rise and fall along panoramic mountainsides and river sliced canyons. These roads, while not single track and regularly traveled by locals in four wheel vehicles, will throw a little of everything at you, the ideal terrain for today’s intrepid traveler who seeks more adventure beyond the pavement.

Adding to the Ruta Aventura experience are the encounters with the reclusive Tarahumara Indians, many living out a meager existence in caves, wearing loin clothes with the women adorned in layers of brightly colored petticoats. This tribe is better known in cross country foot race competitions such as in Telluride, Colorado where they consistently sweep the contest wearing traditional clothing, their feet shod only in handmade sandals of leather and recycled car tire treads.  Running is the Tarahumara DNA; your encounters with them will be one of the great treasures of the Sierra Madres on your journey.

Having made our way from the state of Chihuahua to Sinaloa state, the approach to the shores of the Sea of Cortez are dramatic and accented with overnight stays in charming Colonial villages such as Alamos or El Fuerte. From the port of Guaymas, the group will board an overnight ferry to the Baja Peninsula. Once there we will seek out the best fish tacos and discover why the jagged mountains, sprawling deserts, remote beaches and centuries-old mission villages are so attractive to the active traveler. Baja is a playground. While most of the route will be on paved roads that is not to say we can’t get out and do some meandering beyond the asphalt.  Approaching the border your final night will be in the developing wine region of Valle de Guadalupe in the rolling hills above Ensenada.

The Ruta Aventura Baja & Copper Canyon requires one to have off-road riding skills. And if your choice of motorcycle is one of today’s mega touring machines (BMW GS, KTM Adventure, Triumph Explorer, etc.) you better know how to ride it in this environment or be prepared to learn how. We encourage you to tune your skills and consider a MotoDiscovery Training event, get fit and be prepared to be a part of an incredible Mexico adventure touring experience. Sign up early. Tell your friends.

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