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This is adventure touring over the highest motorable roads in the world. Riding conditions will vary from great asphalt paved surfaces to gravel, rocky textures, some sand, stream crossings and everything in between. Traffic rides on the left side of the road, an easy and quick adjustment.  The remote nature of this Himalayan journey will require two to three nights of quality outfitted camping.

The Highest Motorable Passes in the World. 

Riding across the highest motorable mountain passes in the world can be your claim when you journey with MotoDiscovery on this unique India adventure. Each day is a fresh awakening as you leave behind the chaos of Delhi and make your way into the Tibetan Buddhist regions of the Himalayas known as Ladakh.  

This is an event of many surprises, among them the motorcycle. The Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet is amazing. Even as you enter the thin air Khardung-La Pass (18,380 ft.), the Bullet never misses a beat. Effective marketing tugs at us to buy bigger, faster, more technical and more expensive motorcycles but this simple yet robust machine will have you reevaluating what is really necessary to have a motorcycling adventure. The Bullet is in perfect harmony with the environment, low to the ground, fast enough, reliable and in a single word…fun! It is not what you ride. It is where it takes you that counts.

Riding to Ladakh offers participants mile after mile of stunning beauty. As you climb to the more remote corners of the Himalayas towards Leh, you’ll encounter Tibetan Buddhist temples, monasteries and monuments. Population centers become scarce and overnight stays for at least two nights are in well prepared outfitted camps, distant from the nearest town of any size.

The MotoDiscovery staff team is the best, reared and inspired by the late Patrick Moffat who was the earliest pioneer of this route and who first introduced us to this exotic corner of the globe. The bikes are the freshest fleet you will find in India. Our experience here is unrivaled and while you can find rides through the region of Ladakh being offered for less, we maintain that our presentation is of greater value, higher in style and comfort and more inclusive. We know what you want. We don’t think you want “India on the cheap”.  

While here you should consider coming in a couple days early and we’ll arrange an optional overnight excursion to Agra to visit one of the great wonders of the world, the Taj Majal.

If you want a life changing travel experience put the MotoDiscovery Ladakh High Himalayas Expedition at the top of your list. And don’t be afraid to bring your favorite passenger, if not as a co-pilot on pillion, in the support van. This is one you will want to share.

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