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This tour begins and ends in-country, allowing for maximum riding and cultural saturation. Terrain is generally mild, including verdant agricultural valleys, rolling teak-forested hills, abrupt and twisty limestone hills, and wide river valleys. Riding conditions are by and large smooth, paved roads with some short sections of dirt or broken pavement, especially where road widening or bridge repair is underway. Traffic rides on the right side of the road and is generally civilized and orderly. Hotels are generally excellent with one or two nights of the best available accommodation basic but clean.

Explore a recently re-opened and friendly South-east Asian gem.

Motodiscovery motorcycle tour in Myanmar BurmaYou’ll be among the first to travel in Myanmar, riding the venerable Royal Enfield Bullet. With the institution of democratic elections in 2011, Myanmar has slowly reopened to foreign tourism. Those who follow MotoDiscovery appreciate our approach to seeking the unique and the unusual. Myanmar fulfills this, inviting you to experience this land during this time of awakening and before it is overly “discovered”.

We begin in the hustle and bustle of Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon. Nostalgia for the city’s colonial heritage is somehow enhanced by years of deterioration and over-crowding. And now newly clamoring with a keen, if young and somewhat hesitant, capitalist enterprise. Locals take to the streets at night and the evenings come alive with pop-up markets, restaurants and tea shops as families enjoy the a cool reprieve from blistery daytime temperatures as well as the recent freedom to congregate. From here we travel north and west, up the Ayeyarwady River Basin with verdant fields and rolling teak forests. Roadside villages tend to be active and colorful.

While Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism do flourish in places throughout Myanmar, the dominant life philosophy here is Buddhism, and it colors every part of life. Golden pagodas gleam atop hillsides and ridges. Their spires shine above the forest treetops; they line rivers and streams and adorn town centers. People are reserved but warm; and should you need help with anything, nearly everyone you meet, anywhere, will go out of their way to help.

The Enfield Bullet is in many ways a perfect bike for the terrain. Because of high import tariffs on bikes with engines larger than 250 cc’s, it is bigger than nearly every other two wheeler on the road. And yet, it is petite enough to make riding easy for nearly anyone and surprisingly nimble on the the crowded roads of cities and towns. It handles the occasional rough bits with astounding resilience and the 500 cc engine thumps along splendidly on the open stretches of the plains and offers plenty of speed for the twisty hills. It’s just plain fun!

Our team is comprised of a local guides and drivers as well as tried and true staff and mechanics from abroad. Our bikes are meticulously maintained and in tip-top shape.

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