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Primarily on paved roads with occasional unpaved sections and areas of maintenance or disrepair. Easily navigated by any experienced touring enthusiast. Very moderate pace.

New Year’s in Cuba….sign up right away!

Motorcycle Cuba with MotoDiscoveryBringing in the new year gained special meaning back in the year 2000 when crossing into the second millennium and it was then that we created a fresh excuse to ride someplace fun. And now with Cuba and the USA on the brink of groundbreaking diplomacy to normalize relations, it is indeed a great time and place to consider a New Years journey.

MotoDiscovery has created a special itinerary with a full line up of people to people interactions which we know will be greatly enhanced during this holiday period. We’ve selected the vibrant little town of Trinidad as the venue for a New Year's celebration. Trinidad is rich with Spanish Colonial charm, a relic preserved, where the nights are filled with music and dance. Your stays here will be in 'casas particulares' - family homes, the ideal opportunity to get to know another perspective of Cuban society. And of course, rather than take the bus, our travels through the country are on two wheels, which alone invites and promotes people to people interactions. As you will experience, motorcyclists and the bikes they ride hold a special place in the romantic hearts of Cubanos. There is just no better way to meet the people.

So what are you doing New Year’s Eve? This event requires your commitment NOW as accommodations and services will be in high demand. Reservations must be in by no later than September 1. So call on your friends today. With the great changes ahead in Cuba, is there a better time to experience this intriguing island?  We think not.

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