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This event is scheduled to ride primarily on paved surfaces of varying conditions. Some short distance unpaved segments can also be expected however all easily navigated by experienced touring enthusiasts. This is not a tour for a new or novice rider. Traffic travels on the left side of the road, a condition easily adapted to in a short period of time. This tour should be considered an adventure however well suited for couples or singles with ample space available in the support vehicle for non-riding participants. Tour runs during ideal climate conditions for the region. Early reservations are required.

Ride through the land of the Majaraja and stay in regal royal palaces. India has 70% of the worlds tigers. We'll see a few!

There is likely no more romantic and intriguing place in all of the Indian sub-Continent than the State of Rajasthan. It is often referred to as the Land of the Kings, easy to imagine with its arid desert countryside and oasis villages accented by towering castles and fortresses.

Rajasthan Tigers See India with Motodiscovery motorcycle tours

Here, for many hundreds of years, mini empires ruled the region exhibiting their stature and power in the way of decedent walled palaces. While riding your Royal Enfield Bullet through the stunning Thar Desert will be enchanting, you will certainly find the overnight stays in these carefully selected historical palaces to be most memorable, living the lives of kings and queens, at least for a couple of weeks. MotoDiscovery style in India!

This tour is packed with highlights and includes the extension to visit the Taj Mahal and breathtaking Agra fortress. You will experience a mini safari (on an elephant if you prefer!) visiting the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. And when not on two wheels, you can look forward to meandering the great markets and bazaars. Photographyenthusiasts will discover that you can hardly take a bad picture here, the environment rich with color, movement, human interests and architectural wonders.  

MotoDiscovery stands above the rest when it comes to this part of the world. We do owe this to our association with an American maverick and early pioneer there in the world of motorcycle touring, the late Patrick Moffat. Through him and the team that carries on his legacy, we have come to love the sub-Continent region. And if you are shopping, we can assure you that our standards are the highest. Beware. Budget operators abound here and you can find many who will do it “on the cheap”. That has never been the MotoDiscovery way. You’ll appreciate our emphasis on quality. Our India motorcycle adventures are the best: authentic but with style. This tour is ideal for couples as well as singles.

Take a motorcycle adventure to Rajasthan with MotoDiscovery, sign up today!

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