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Primarily on paved roads with occasional unpaved sections of plantation roads and areas of maintenance or disrepair. Easily navigated by any experienced touring enthusiast.

Cuba from East to West - Don't miss this side of the island!

This is a special one-time-a-year tour, possibly our most comprehensive Cuba experience in that you will ride from the far eastern edge of the island heading west and ending in the legendary port city of Havana. Beginning in Santiago, the country’s second largest city, you’ll discover the rich history of this past capital of the island. Touched by the influences of early Spanish Conquistadors, French settlers, West African slaves and suffering the fate dealt by marauding pirates, Santiago is as exciting as Havana while escaping the masses of tourism. It is also a city long known for its revolutionary spirit, with the surrounding rugged Sierra Maestra mountains serving as staging area for Fidel Castro’s rag tag band of insurgents who would eventually triumph and politically reshape the island to be a Cold War Communist backed satellite of the Soviet Union.

Riding east from Santiago you will sample all that is Cuba, from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to within a stone’s throw of the Naval base at Guantanamo. And because MotoDiscovery is operating under license from the US government to legally facilitate travel to Cuba for USA citizens, you can count on a full program of meaningful engagement with the people of Cuba, both scheduled and spontaneous.

The highlights are numerous. Colonial era Trinidad is always a favorite with its cobblestone streets, museums, abundant people to people opportunities and famous music and dance venues. Camaguey with beautifully restored plazas well earns its name of ”City of Squares:” idyllic gathering places for locals with displays of monuments and of course the sound of music inviting all to dance when the sun goes down.

The Santiago to Havana tour (as well as the one date we run in reverse) will be of special interest to those who have already been to Cuba with MotoDiscovery and who want to extend travels to the far eastern edge of the island known to be distinctive in geography as well as culture. For this reason we are offering a $400 discount per person for any returning MotoDiscovery Cuba travelers.

Sign up early for this date as this route tends to sell out early. Whether you choose the Havana to Santiago or the reverse date, you will find this to be a tour that reveals all that is Cuba.

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