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This is a freshly designed tour adding more off road and elevating the challenge, ideally suited for motorcycles in the 400-650cc range. In capable, experienced hands, the larger BMW GS bikes and KTM “adventure” machines can effectively navigate this route. You will be riding paved surfaces the first two days to reach the Sierra Madres and off road portions in the Copper Canyon region. This tour is intended for riders who can claim at least some off road experience, having the skills, physical aptitude and spirit for adventure. Road surfaces consist of gravel, rock, very little sand, occasional stream crossing and everything in between. You will also ride some very fun and sporting paved mountain roads.

Discover Authentic Mexico in the Copper Canyon

 MotoDiscovery is an early pioneer in the movement that today we call “adventure touring” and it started here, in Old Mexico, riding into the depths of the Copper Canyon. This massive complex of canyons, rivers, high mesas and rugged cordillera has become somewhat of an iconic destination among the adventure touring community. 

Riders will discover a Mexico far from the tourist path. Inhabited by cave-dwelling Tarahumara Indians and humble farmers, you’ll appreciate the encounters with locals and being the recipient of the genuine hospitality and graciousness that is the tradition of the Mexican people. The ride will have moments of challenge but is largely easily navigated by any experienced off road touring enthusiast. Many choose this particular tour as a launching into the world of adventure touring and as a “warm up” for riding to further destinations such as the Andes of South America or the Himalayas of India.

This tour has been freshly redesigned. We’ve kept it authentic. Newly paved roads are denying us the opportunity to get a little “dirty” so we are going deeper and further into the Sierra Madres to recapture the thrills and challenges that have made this one of the most popular adventure touring experience in the Americas. Bring your favorite passenger too! We have room in the support vehicle for any part of the road that may call for lightening the load. When you think Copper Canyon, know you’ve come to the right place. No one knows this region like we do. ¡Viva Mexico!

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