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MotoDiscovery and Motolombia Partnering in South America

The Trans Amazonian Challenge is a 52-day long adventure motorcycle expedition looping around the great Amazon Basin crossing the Andes Mountains and traversing through 8 countries (Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador) in the central and northern parts of South America. The tour is ´the result of a unique collaboration in the motorcycle tour industry between two very experienced tour operators - Colombia based Motolombia and Texas based MotoDiscovery. The Challenge is a guided and fully supported expedition to what most surely be considered one of the "last frontiers" for motorcycle adventures on the planet and it requires a certain type of rider to endure the many challenges!


  • Ancient: Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines
  • Big cities: Lima, Quito, Belem, Paramaribo, Cayenne, Medellin
  • Natural: Angel Falls, Kaieteur Falls, Amazon river crossing, Pink Dolphin tour, Colombia’s coffee region, Orinoco plains
  • Historic: Popayan, Devil’s Island, Cusco, Cuenca
  • and much much more…

MotoDiscovery + Motolombia = Great South America Adventure 

Motolombia and Motodiscovery take on the AmazonWe’ve known Motolombia founder, Mikkel (Mike)Thomsen for sometime now and have longed to have a collaboration with him. His story of success of how he made his way from native Denmark to becoming an avid moto adventurer and settling in Colombia, is one that we will leave for him to tell (Or better yet go to ADVMoto Magazine November 2014 issue for the full story)  One thing for sure; Motolombia is a great fit with MotoDiscovery and we feel that the TransAmazon Challenge is just the beginning of some fresh and uniquely authentic adventure experiences in South America.

Adventure riding in South America with MotoDiscovery and Motolombia 2015MotoDiscovery is pleased to share the road with Motolombia on this pioneering effort into the heart of the Amazon. Don’t miss it!

MotoDiscovery is known for imagination when it comes to riding to and through unique places often overlooked by others. Decades, and long before anyone else, we added the ride to the southern tip of of the continent at Tierra del Fuego to our list of accomplishments. Spinning the globe we concluded that it was time check out the rest of the continent and what we’ve discovered is the opportunity for a truly authentic and exciting adventure touring experience.

We had the dream. To help us fulfill it we’ve called on Motolombia, a peer in the world of organizing two wheeling adventures, and an outfit that shares our standards, passions, imagination and professionalism. The MotoDiscovery - Motolombia collaboration brings together a powerful blend of talent that no doubt will make this one of the most talked about South America riding adventures for a long time to come.Adventure riding in South America with MotoDiscovery and Motolombia 2015

What to expect? Everything from dirt, mud, rain, forest tracks, mountain passes, boat crossings and beautiful paved roads. In other words...perfect! Of course we still stick to our long time core value of mixing in interesting historic and cultural destinations, wildlife, and incredible scenery.

If you want predictability this is not an event for you. If you want something authentic this is one that will separate you from the crowd. This is what we like at MotoDiscovery and to share this with our partners at Motolombia, makes this an even more dynamic offering.

Do you know anyone who has been to the Dutch speaking little country of Suriname?  How about neighboring French Guiana? Not likely. So while the crowds make their way and earn bragging rights for having endured Patagonia or reaching the southern tip of the continent at Tierra del Fuego, you can be a pioneer as a member of the Trans Amazonian Challenge Team. If you really want to experience authentic adventure, don’t mess around. The team is forming so you need to commit NOW. Numbers are limited to 10 riders.

This will be our second expedition through the Amazona. In 2015 we were denied riding through Venezuela due to border closures with Colombia. In true adventure fashion we crafted a Plan B. It takes experience, imagination, incredible team work and a total focus for the well being of those who ride with us, to pull it off. And as we write this, Venezuela is still questionable and of course we have a Plan B...and a Plan C. This is what we do best. And that is why it is called the TransAmazonian Challenge. 

Please reserve your space now. This one requires considerable advance planning.

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