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This tour is “for the ladies”, another great collaboration with Women’s Motorcycle Tours. The route will be on paved roads and is perfectly suited for all road worthy motorcycles from cruisers to sportbikes. The sparsely populated Baja makes for pleasant touring on lightly traveled roads.

  • This tour is for women only. MotoDiscovery will lend our vast Mexico expertise and support to Women’s Motorcycle Tours.
  • Mexican food is fantastic. Baja Mexico food is even better. Naturally, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other, seafood is the main attraction.  You won’t be disappointed. Fish tacos anyone!
  • The Baja is an ever-changing landscape. Sprawling deserts accented by mountain peaks, the occasional oasis and constant views of the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific. The flora is remarkable and in most cases, unique to the peninsula.
  • Imagine getting so close to a giant gray whale that you can touch it. This is what you are likely to experience as we treat you to an excursion to get really close to the migrating gray whales and their calves. If this is not on your bucket list it should be. Get ready to check this one off.
  • The comradery. No denying it. Women's Motorcycle Tours understands this better than anyone. This can be a ride of the lifetime just because of the friends you will make. Be sure to spread the word.
  • Value. This tour does not hit the pocketbook too hard and is filled with quality.
  • The service. No need to worry about border crossings, the language or having to deal with the customs. We are Mexico experts. For nearly four decades when people want to ride Mexico, they have been calling on MotoDiscovery.
  • Valle de Guadalupe is all about wine. Located in the hills above Ensenada it is growing in dominance as Mexico’s number one producer of fine wines. Time permitting we may do a little sampling!
  • No need to rent a motorcycle. Bring your own!. MotoDiscovery will walk you through the simple process of obtaining Mexico motorcycle insurance. If you choose to trailer to tour rendezvous count on us to assist with the logistics

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