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This "cloverleaf" riding event consists of dual-sport day rides out of our Phoenix resort. Day rides our led by our experienced guide staff. 

Each day we will ride a new and unique route and then return to the hotel in the afternoon.

Day rides will progress from less to more technical over the 3 riding days. This will allow you to 'warm up' and get used to the Arizona desert terrain. 

By having a base camp to which we return each day, our bikes will stay lightweight and you wont need to pack up your things each day as on a traditional point-to-point touring event. 


  • Enjoy sunshine and balmy wintertime temperatures in the Phoeniz, Arizona deserts
  • Return to the same hotel each afternoon after each day ride in a 'cloverleaf' pattern.
  • Challenge yourself on the abundant small bike friendly roads and trails surrounding Phoenix.
  • Enjoy spa services at our resort in Scottsdale
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