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This is a unique adventure touring event involving the use of your personal motorcycle (contact us for rental options), ocean freighted from the USA to the Black Sea port of Batumi in the Republic of Georgia. The complexity of geopolitics in the region lends a special adventure character, with each of the four countries having distinctive cultures, fascinating and often colliding histories, language, cuisine, art, and religion. Participants must be experienced touring enthusiasts. This “mega” tour is suitable for single riders and couples. The motorcycle should be of the adventure dual purpose design, minimum 650 cc and prepared with an emphasis on reliability. Bike preparation will be greatly covered in pre-tour materials.

MotoDiscovery will manage round-trip ocean freighting (included in tour price), substantial guidance and information on bike preparations and facilitate the acquisition of visas and carnet documents for the motorcycles. Riders who have motorcycles in Europe and other locations outside the USA should inquire directly with regards to logistics of getting your motorcycle to the tour or discuss rental options. The tour will be supported and is another collaboration with our partner and friend, Kazim Uzunoglu of Istanbul. The intensive logistics and preparation requirements demand that reservations with deposits be received by no later than March 15, 2019

To preserve quality service there will be a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 8 motorcycles plus staff on this tour.


  • Mount Ararat. Three of the four countries traveled on this unique expedition have ancient connections to this imposing snow covered peak. Believers maintain the mountain is the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. Armenian Apostolic Christians, Muslims, Greek Orthodox, passing conquerors through the millennia have cast their eyes upon Ararat with mystical wonder. To view it from Iran, Turkey and Armenia will be a memorable experience.
  • Bringing your own motorcycle. Face it; no rental motorcycle is as good as the one back home. Preparing your bike for this unique adventure expedition is half the fun. We’ll help you.
  • The Black Sea. It holds its own magic. The tour begins with your arrival into Istanbul where after a night we will arrange for the forward flight to a Republic of Georgia Black Sea port to retrieve motorcycles.
  • The Caucasus. It is known for its beauty and cultural diversity. This mountain range has the highest peaks in Europe, begging to be explored.
  • Tbilisi. We love this capital city of Georgia Republic. You will too. Two nights here will allow us to poke around and learn more about the people and history of Georgia.

  • Yerevan, Armenia. It is the capital of Armenia. Two nights here are deserving. The brandy is some of the best in the world. You will fall in love with the resilient and beautiful people of the region.
  • Iran. Yes, it is controversial however we’ve been there and can testify to the warmth and welcoming of the Persian people, even to Westerners. Don’t believe us? Ask anyone and they will give testimony to the claim. You will see for yourself, guaranteed.
  • Isfahan, Iran. You will marvel at the Grand Mosque of Jameh, a blue-tiled work of art.  The Imam Square in Isfahan is adorned with many ancient mosques, elegant palaces, and vibrant bazaars.  Iranians call this square the Image of the World.
  • Persepolis, the astonishing ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire was built by Darius and his son Xerxes in the 6th century BC.  It is now one of the most important archeological sites in the world.
  • Tehran, the bustling capital city of Iran will provide a better insight into contemporary Iran and its peoples. The mind-boggling Treasury of the National Jewels, ornate Golestan Palace, the impressive Azadi Square and the chaotic Grand Bazaar will help us grasp the more recent history of this magical country.   
  • Lake Van is in Eastern Turkey and was the capital city of the Urartian Kingdom, once a powerhouse of the East in 9th - 7th centuries BC.  It also is home to the magnificent Armenian church of Akdamar.
  • Mount Nemrut in southeastern Turkey is simply stunning.  A megalomaniac king built his burial place 2000 years ago on top of a 7,000 ft summit and adorned it with colossal statues of ancientgods and goddesses that have been very well preserved. 
  • Cappadocia is a geological poem written by volcanoes and forces of nature that sculpted the eruptions into one the most bizarre landscapes of our planet.  Early cave dwellers and early Christians that settled in Cappadocia exemplify humankind’s amazing ability to adapt to the geography around them.
  • Istanbul, the magical city where continents and civilizations meet.  This dynamic city will be the final stop of our adventure and will lure you with its minarets and domes.

Magical Collaborations

When these two guys get together, moto magic happens. Skip MascorroMotoDiscovery founder has been partnering with good friend, Kazim Uzunoglu of Turkey since 2003. The resulting chemistry has seeded some of the most imaginative and groundbreaking riding experiences ever offered in Eurasia. Decades of combined experience, geopolitical savvy and astute logistics solving expertise has the Kaz and Skip combo constantly spinning the globe and dreaming of fresh riding opportunities. This is one more reason you will discover moto magic riding in the shadows of Mount Ararat. Sign up today.
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