Touratech Rewards

Who has not marveled at the incredible engineering, beauty and function of Touratech motorcycle products. When it comes to accessorizing your motorcycle to enhance appearance and performance, (the word often used today is "farkle") Touratech is the global standard in excellence.

MotoDiscovery has fashioned an exclusive arrangement beginning July 1, 2010 with Touratech-USA to offer what we have titled as MotoDiscovery Touratech Rewards. This program is our way of further enhancing the MotoDiscovery riding experience where riders on selected tours are gifted with anywhere form $50 to $500 in Touratech branded products of their choice (see Conditions)

We are excited about this new partnership with Touratech and an association with a company that enjoys such global recognition for quality, innovation and contributing more fun and function to the pursuit of motorcycle travel and adventure. Look for the Touratech Rewards icon, sign up today and get ready to ride in style!

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Touratech Rewards Conditions
  1. This offer is available only for qualified tours identified with the Touratech Rewards Icon and may not be substituted for cash, services or any other consideration.
  2. Only riders (not passengers) qualify for Touratech Rewards
  3. Touratech Rewards are non transferable.
  4. MotoDiscovery and Touratech reserve the right to withdraw certain products from the Touratech Rewards program.
  5. Only products branded as Touratech products may be redeemed for the Touratech Rewards.
  6. MotoDiscovery and/ or Touratech can not guarantee items selected to be redeemed will be in stock and are subject to availability and production limitations.
  7. Riders must complete the tour and any premature departure from the tour or circumstance calling for tour refund disqualify the participant from receiving Touratech Rewards.
  8. MotoDiscovery assumes no responsibility for function, appearance or any aspect of Touratech products and will not engage in any dispute or mediation relative to the performance of the products with any and all discussions of this nature to take place directly between Touratech USA and the individual receiving Touratech Rewards.
  9. Touratech Rewards are available only for riders having made reservations after July 1, 2010 and may not be retroactively included as part of the MotoDiscovery tour package for reservations received prior to July 01, 2010.
  10. Touratech Rewards are not available, unless specifically indicated, on any custom or private tour.
  11. MotoDiscovery and /or Touratech reserve the right to withdraw this program at anytime without obligation to substitute or in anyway compensate riders for the termination of the Touratech Rewards program.

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