MotoDiscovery Response to Security Concerns in Mexico (click for full article)

MotoDiscovery is the most active organizer of motorcycle tours to Old Mexico in history, having served many thousands of men and women from around the world on rewarding and trouble free adventures. We know Mexico and in many circles are considered experts to include not only matters related to tourism but history, culture, traditions and geopolitics as well.

The narco cartel criminal elements that have made such notorious news headlines are a reality but are also a byproduct of a media gone wild to seek headline grabbing attention. Measuring these realities against perceptions has been our quest in recent months and we have concluded that there are indeed some areas of Mexico we feel no longer comfortable in traveling.

For now, MotoDiscovery is postponing travel through the Mexican states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon along the south Texas border and we have removed a number of tours that unfortunately require us to transit this border area to reach some delightful and trouble free areas in the Mexico interior. While we have never experienced anything but safe and rewarding experience here, better judgment says we should not take the risk so we are proactively removing a select group of tours from our program.

We continue to offer all of our Copper Canyon road tours and expeditions, the Baja, and of course our new fly-n-ride Guadalajara based tours utilizing BMW rental bikes, far from the border lands and conveniently placing you in the heart of the best riding, beaches, cultural and historical interests in Mexico.

The situation in Mexico is troubling for us all but I think it essential to put things in perspective. Consider this; thousands died on the streets of Miami in the late 1970's and early 1980's as a result of drug trafficking related conflicts. This predated CNN and Fox News but we had Miami Vice and Scarface on television and cinema screens to over portray what certainly was a troubling time in American history. And if you remember that era, for that reason we may have curtailed our travels to the city of Miami but it certainly did not stop us from visiting Salt Lake City, Chicago or San Francisco and Disneyland in Ft. Lauderdale was hopping!

Mexico is a big country. The problems that exist there and that would impact you and me are geographically concentrated. We will stay clear of those areas. We will call on all of our resources and experience to make decisions we feel will be in the best interest of those who travel with us. This has always been true. You can count on MotoDiscovery and we hope you will consider riding with us in the near future knowing that we have your best interest, first and foremost, at heart.

I invite you to speak with me personally on this or any other issue related to rider security on a MotoDiscovery tour.

Skip Mascorro

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