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Oct 9th 2013

The Highest Pass

A journey on the Ladakh High Road of the Himalayas captured in newly released documentary. Coming to a theater near you soon, watch for The Highest Pass, a spiritually guided ride along the Ladakh Road of northern India. For more information see this link and video trailer:
Oct 8th 2013

High Himalayas Road to Ladakh Tour added to the line up

This is a dream tour, a true adventure at over 18,000 feet riding the highest motorable road in the world in the northern Tibetan region of India. We're taking reservations for our first ride through the Himalayas You can join MotoDiscovery founders, Skip & Nancy Mascorro June 30 - July 16 on the High Himalayas Road to Ladakh For more information
Oct 7th 2013

Mi Moto Fidel, "Motorcycling Castro's Cuba" author to lead tours for MotoDiscovery

Christopher Baker has penned numerous award winning travel guides featuring countries such as Colombia, Cuba and Costa Rica. In the motorcycling world he is better known for his written account of riding through Cuba on his BMW R/100GS. The author of Mi Moto Fidel will be lending his expertise of Cuba as a guide on a number of tours. Look for further announcements soon.
Oct 6th 2013

MotoDiscovery granted license to operate tours legally in Cuba

MotoDiscovery is the only motorcycle touring company to have license from the US Department of Treasury to legally offer to US citizens motorcycle travel to Cuba. Look to see announced in the coming weeks a full schedule of motorcycle tours of Cuba beginning November 2012. Expect these to be highly educational and enlightening tours following the required "meet the people" criteria which has always been a part of the MotoDiscovery travel experience.
Oct 5th 2013

BMW Owners News features Mexico Safety Article

Regarded as experts on Old Mexico, MotoDiscovery was asked to make a statement regarding Mexico safety and you may be surprised with what we have to say. See the article in the February Issue of BMW Owners News or go to this link
Oct 4th 2013

Early sign up urged for South America Explorer Motorcycle 2013 Expedition

It is a 62 day journey starting in Cartagena, Colombia and ending at the very southern tip of South America on Tierra del Fuego. This event requires considerable planning and if you have this one on your bucket list, now is the time to commit.
Oct 3rd 2013

Around the Black Sea 2012 Tour Sold Out

Already we are receiving reservations for the 2013 Around the Black Sea Tour in anticipation it will be an early sell out. Beginning in Istanbul, this road tour completely circumnavigates the romantic and intriguing Black Sea, through seven countries, all distinctive and well outside the usual "tourist" path. Make your reservation now for 2013.
Oct 2nd 2013

Recon Ecuador Tour Dates Announced

We have added the complete schedules for our 10 and 16 day Ecuador Light Adventure Tours. But there is always a "first". We call them Recon tours and if you have traveled with MotoDiscovery in the past you are eligible to join Skip Mascorro and a handful of adventurers for our first ride through the South American country of Ecuador. Skip reports, having spent a few days there in December, that this is a country of extreme potential for an exciting motorcycle touring experience. Specially priced and designed for exploration, you'll want to take advantage of this great opportunity.
Oct 1st 2013

Best of Colombia January Tour has one remaining space

One space has come available for the Best of Colombia Light Adventure Day Tour. Call today and start out 2012 with an exciting motorcycle journey in South America.
Sep 30th 2013

Istanbul to Cairo Postponed until 2012

The much anticipated Istanbul to Cairo Expedition 2011 was a sell out however the events that raged through the summer in Syria forced postponement. This tour promises to fulfill all that we love about adventure travel, riding through Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon , Egypt and ending in Israel. Syria above all is considered a highlight, legendary for having a welcoming population and rich history and archeology. We hope that soon a peaceful solution will be found in that country that will permit us ride this incredible region of the world. Stay tuned for updates

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