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Sep 19th 2013

Top to Bottom South America Explorer Tour 2012

MotoDiscovery is offering a new South America mega adventure tour, beginning in Cartagena, Colombia and ending 60 days later at the southern tip of the continent at Ushuaia, Argentina. This is a dream adventure ride with numerous high value inclusions such as a complimentary MotoDiscovery Adventure Rider Training weekend course, specifically designed to tune your skills for this adventure and prepare you for this journey. We consider this to be the best tour of its kind available anywhere. The MotoDiscovery experience in this part of the world is unrivaled.
Sep 18th 2013

Bhutan Continues to Mystify

It is a remote kingdom in the shadows of the Himalayas, has regulated access to preserve its valued Buddhist traditions and measures its wealth in terms of gross national happiness rather than gross national product.

Tourism to Bhutan for 2010 was a meager 40,873 visitors in 2010. (To give you perspective, Mexico received nearly 20 million tourists in 2010.)

The two week MotoDiscovery Thunder Dragon Tour is an experience that continues to bring us acclaim and mystify those who participate, largely due to its relative anonymity. Sign up early as this requires advance planning. We are taking reservations now for the Oct 05 - 18 date.
Sep 17th 2013

MotoDiscovery Response to Security Concerns in Mexico (click for full article)

To date, and for the past thirty years, touring the back roads of Old Mexico has been nothing but a welcoming and highly rewarding experience, one we've happily shared with thousands of men and women from around the world. We can easily be considered experts when it comes to Mexico travel. It is for this reason we feel compelled to respond to the question of security in light of narco cartel activities in certain regions. We have to make clear that Mexico remains selectively part of the MotoDiscovery tour program however we have made decisions to refrain from traveling in distinct areas we feel are troublesome. Go to this link and become familiar with where travel is acceptable in our judgment, and where it is not.
Sep 16th 2013

El Tapatio Fly & Ride Tour a Winner

It started out as a custom ride for a few friends but there is no question now that the El Tapatio will be a fixture in our Mexico road tour line up. With safety concerns in certain places along the Texas-Mexico border (see Mexico Security Concerns) we have found a means of getting beyond any questionable border areas to the heart of Mexico's most diverse, secure and colorful riding regions. Even MotoDiscovery staff, Alberto Clave and Juan Stanglmaier proclaimed on recent completion of our first Tapatio Tour that this is the "real Mexico" that everyone should experience. With BMW rentals at our disposal, this is a turnkey riding vacation, readily accessible, and of great value. Contact us if you have questions and refer to this link for more information.
Sep 15th 2013

Colonial Mexico Tour

February 18 - 26, 2011
Having just completed our annual New Years in San Miguel Allende Colonial tour, we are reminded of how lovely this part of Mexico is. Touches of Europe's influence blend with native indigenous flavors to make this one of our favorites.
Sep 14th 2013

Bhutan Thunder Dragon Tour

April 17 - 30, 2011
This two week tour through the peaceful little Buddhist kingdom in the shadows of the Himalayas has openings for April 17 - 30 and is already taking bookings for October 5 - 18th date. India visa requirements call for early planning so call us today and experience the wonder of this exotic corner of the planet.
Sep 13th 2013


More than a "tween" networking toy.
Facebook is an excellent means of staying in touch with all who enjoy international adventure travel. See photo albums of our tours, learn of new and often unpublished specials and be the growing and loyal MotoDiscovery community.
Sep 12th 2013

El Tapatio Custom Winter Ride

February 14 - 25, 2011
We have an unpublished 12 day Fly & Ride tour that includes the phenomenal Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, a sun filled beach stay in Puerto Vallarta, some of the most elegant historical inns in Mexico and a visit to the Tequila Zone where this legendary and ancient beverage is created. This is a last minute special, a perfect winter escape where you fly in and out of Guadalajara and explore some of the best roads in Mexico aboard fresh BMW motorcycles.
Sep 11th 2013

Istanbul to Cairo SOLD OUT for 2011

With little announcement the word rapidly spread about this intriguing motorcycle adventure through Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Israel. This event may be sold out for 2011 but spaces are already being consumed for 2012 and it is not too early to make your reservation for this prestigious and high adventure motorcycling experience through lands touched by a millennium of cultures, civilizations and profound history.
Sep 10th 2013

Facebook Proves to be Exciting MotoDiscovery Connection

Social media is more than just a trendy communication toy for "tweens". MotoDiscovery finds it to be an incredibly viable way to stay linked with those who are part of our special world. With a selection of fine photo albums, up to the minute news from far away lands and an occasional high value tour special offering, we intend on making the MotoDiscovery Facebook Page fun and informative for all who love adventure and the joys of travel. The MotoDiscovery community is the very best. Lets stay in touch. Become a Facebook fan and invite your friends.

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