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While this tour is considered High Adventure it is also done with premium quality and style. To insure this quality we limit group size to no more than 10 bikes. Note that we include great dining on all travel days as well as fine accommodations. Approximately 30% of the roads are not paved however this will present little challenge for the experienced touring enthusiast. Riders should feel comfortable riding in non-technical, off-road conditions and we encourage you further tune your skills by joining us on one of our Rider Training Tours. As always, we invite you to call us should you wish to further discuss if this is the right tour for you.


  • The service. MotoDiscovery knows this region well. In fact, we were one of the first companies to stage motorcycle adventures throughout the Patagonian regions. Our staff is the best. We keep it authentic. We keep it fun!
  • This tour is limited to ten motorcycles plus staff. Optimizing service and promoting more flexibility. A quality experience in every way.

  • The motorcycles are staged in Bariloche, Argentina, an alpine village with a Bavarian flair, surrounded by glacier lakes and the snow-capped beauty of the Andes.

  • The ride along the Carretera Austral upon entering Chile is reminiscent of the Inland Passage along the coast of British Columbia. Lush greenery, glaciers, stunning blue lakes and a sparse population provide perfect riding on well-surfaced gravel roads.

  • Ruta 40. It is a road that stretches the full length of Argentina, from the border with Bolivia to just shy of the Straits of Magellan.  Nowhere is it more noted than in the remote and barren reaches of southern Patagonia. You will earn the sticker!

  • Here, red meat is the king of the dinner table. If you are a vegetarian you will manage, but carnivores will delight in the slowly-cooked wood fire asado which brings out the most delicious flavor in Argentina's range-fed beef and lamb...accompanied by red wine, of course.

  • The Perito Moreno glacier near the outback city of Calafate, Argentina is a wondrous sight, crawling 30 miles through an Andean valley, 3 miles wide at its terminus, this will make for an impressive “selfie”!

  • Torres del Paine National Park. The “towers" are snow-covered peaks rising jaggedly into the Patagonian sky - the perfect playground for soaring condors. Motorcycles also love to play here and will be a day of exploration to remember.

  • The archipelago of Tierra del Fuego. The Land of Fire was named by the great mariner Ferdinand Magellan upon seeing the bonfires of the native Indians scattered on the shore. You will cross the Straits from Chile and ride in and out of Argentina to the end of the Earth.


  • Ushuaia, the most southern point of the population on Earth. You will earn your bragging rights!


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