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The Heart of Idaho ADV Ride is an adventure that incorporates the finest paved roads leading us to the best sections of the Idaho Back Country Discovery Route.  

This is an adventure ride at its finest. The wilds of Idaho present a number of unknowns and variables that will make this true adventure. We will camp 3 nights and stay in motels and lodges for 5 nights.

Itinerary Detail: 

  • July 18: Evening Rendezvous in Boise, Idaho (0 miles) MOTEL
  • July 19: Ride to Sandpoint, ID (342 miles / all paved) MOTEL
  • July 20: Ride to Wallace, ID (162 miles dirt 75%) MOTEL
  • July 21: Ride to Orofino, ID (149 miles dirt 90%) MOTEL
  • July 22: Ride to Lochsa Lodge (130 miles dirt 85%) RUSTIC CABINS
  • July 23: Ride to Elk City, ID (225 miles dirt 60%) TENT CAMP
  • July 24: Ride to Burgdorf (130 miles dirt 90%) TENT CAMP
  • July 25: Ride to Boise via Cascade, ID (140 miles dirt + 70 miles paved) MOTEL
  • July 26: Departure Day

Other Details:  

  • Please bring camping gear. The support truck will carry your gear during the day to keep your bike light. 
  • This ride is best done on a larger adventure bike 700-1250cc
  • We have outfitted Africa Twins for rent that can be ready for you in Boise, permitting a 'fly and ride' scenario. 
  • Logging, snowpack, weather, road closures, and other variables will require adaptability regarding the itinerary. 
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