5 Motorcycling Gadgets, Gizmos and Gear That Make Riding More Enjoyable

Motorcycle touring has come a long way from when we needed to pack a smattering of tools, an extra quart of oil and a lot of faith just to go for a long weekend ride. Bikes are more reliable now and companies large and small are utilizing technology to provide every imaginable gadget, gizmo and gear to make our rides more enjoyable. Here are just a few that we use and think you should too!


1. MOTOSKIVEEZ - Farkle your underwear.


It can be scary to add up the cost of modern motorcycle gear that has now become the standard for safety and comfort. Gore-Tex suits, convertible helmets, gloves, boots, heated electric garments, Bluetooth communicators and the list goes on. But, when it comes to our base layer, most of us are still riding in our “whitey tighties” and have the chafing and discomfort to go with it. Time to get with the program!

Adventure MotoSkiveez provide engineered comfort and reliability. They have excellent wicking properties to keep the moisture at bay and your undercarriage happy. Quick wash. Quick dry. If you are going for an extended journey these padded riding underwear are a must. Guys - you won’t have to worry about your gal wearing your MotoSkiveez. They have special MotoSkiveez for the ladies too!


2. EAR PROTECTION - End your day with more energy and less buzz!


In the good old days it was cigarette butts. Today you can get the simple earplugs of the foam variety or have custom form-fitted products that will go a long way to preserve your hearing. That’s not all. You’ll be less fatigued. And remember that tingling scalp and ringing in your ears? Gone!

Another option for techies, albeit (much) more expensive, but incredibly versatile and effective are noise canceling ear buds. There are not too many of these on the market yet, and I can only vouch for the Bose Quiet Comfort Noise canceling Headphones. These little babies are simply amazing under the helmet. I've been riding with these under my Shoei MultiTec helmet for 3 years now. They fit well under the helmet and when turned on, everything goes silent. You can enjoy your music or answer phone calls with greatly reduced wind and engine noise... Real winners.. If you have $250 to throw at them...


3. HYDRATION SYSTEM - Stay alert and strong!


We cannot overemphasize the importance of good hydration practices when riding your motorcycle.

Don't tell me you are still using plastic water bottles. They consume landfills, spill in your tank bag or panniers and it is being argued that certain plastics mingle carcinogens with your H2O. No bueno. While out adventuring on your motorcycle, wear a Camelbak!

We all too often underestimate the importance of drinking water when riding. It is essential. With a Camelbak you’ll be riding more safely and feel better at the end of your ride. So what is your excuse?


4. CYCLE PUMP - Air when you need it.


You may only use it once but if you do it is worth having a dependable and very well engineered Cycle Pump occupy a permanent and designated space in your tank bag or luggage. It is rugged and compact and can be used to inflate your camping mattress, air up after airing down when you’ve been off road and of course, pop that bead when having to plug a flat tire or replace a tube.


5. CYCLE WIPES - Dial in your glass, and everything else for that matter...

A simple concept. Do you hate a dirty helmet face shield? How nice it is to have sparkly bike mirrors and sunglasses cleared of bugs. In fact if you are not careful you’ll get carried away and use them for detailing your whole bike. That’s OK too. Get Cycle Wipes. See clearly. Look clean. Be happy!


We bet you can add to this list! Feel free to share your favorite gadgets, gizmos and gear ore other ideas on how to ride with more enjoyment, safety and comfort.

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