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May 21st 2020

The Exquisite Copper Canyon and Some Amazing Paintings By Steve Larsen

I’ve gotten a few questions about my motorcycle ride in Mexico’s Copper Canyon and its timing, right before my second OH surgery. Here is some background on that trip and most importantly, some of the photographs that led to paintings by my wife, Maggie, who is an artist with a special talent for painting portraits. Below is one of her paintings. “Worried and Waiting” based on a photo from the Copper Canyon Trip. - Steve Larsen -
Mar 21st 2018

My Wife Wants to Ride a Motorcycle

So your wife wants to ride a motorcycle. What do you do? Guys you better ask yourselves a few questions first. Riding your motorcycle is special. You feel free. Liberated. It is therapeutic and nothing fulfills you like getting out on a weekend ride, a long distance motorcycling adventure or even kicking tires with your buddies in the garage. That space is everything to you.
Oct 3rd 2016

Top 5 Tips for Motorcycle Traveling in India

Are you looking out for a mixed bag of fun and adventure on your motorcycle? If yes, then look no further than riding a motorcycle in India! The kind of diverse terrain, climatic conditions, food, people, traffic, languages, and style of living...
Oct 3rd 2016

5 Motorcycling Gadgets, Gizmos and Gear That Make Riding More Enjoyable

Motorcycle touring has come a long way from when we needed to pack a smattering of tools, an extra quart of oil and a lot of faith just to go for a long weekend ride. Bikes are more reliable now and companies large and small are utilizing...
Sep 3rd 2016

Jungle Art - Strangeness in the Mountains of Mexico

We’ve long proclaimed that the best part of any motorcycling journey often has little to do with the motorcycle. In our decades of riding the corners of the planet, I’ve had the great fortune of experiencing this first hand, and even better,...
Sep 3rd 2016

MotoDiscovery and Women’s Motorcycle Tours Announce First Ever All-Women’s Motorcycle Ride in Cuba

(San Antonio, Texas USA) September 14, 2016 Women’s Motorcycle Tours and MotoDiscovery are organizing the first ever all women’s motorcycle tour of Cuba. Scheduled for March 18-26, 2017.
Jul 2nd 2014

Picto Diary - Armenia with MotoDiscovery - Pics and words by Steve Taylor

Spontaneous boogy by restaurant patrons, including some of our group, to Armenian folk music. Locals were happy to see us gringos dancing and were eager to offer dancing tips. Very festive atmosphere! The music highlighted Armenia's ambiguous location, neither Europe, nor Asia. While Armenians are Christian, and while their life-style practices seem orientated towards European life, their folk music is decidedly "Eastern" in sound and rhythm. Located in the southern Caucusus, with Asian Anatolia on the west and Moslem Azerbaijan on the east, it seems hard to categorize, at least from a cartographer's point of view, Armenia as Europe.
Jul 2nd 2014

Sulema Monastery to Batumi, Georgia - Pics and words by Steve Taylor

The ride from the Trabzug Novotel Hotel to the monastery was the first segment ridden on the MotoDiscovery motorcycle tour, "From the Black Sea to the Caspian."
Jun 26th 2014

On the road to Baku - Pics and words by Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor is a world traveler, retired executive at City Bank and prolific and tireless blogger. He is currently riding with MotoDiscovery in Turkey and we are pleased to share his experience here on our Blog. Read on!
Apr 10th 2014

TOURATECH Copper Canyon to the Baja Expedition Day 4

Today we get an early start so that we can make it to Urique while it is still light out deep in the canyon. We follow a very nice twisty, paved road for many miles until we hit the main overlook for the Copper Canyon. The road seems like a racetrack with its flowing curves and nice pavement, and in fact, Juan tells us he works with a car club that hosts an annual rally race in this area.

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