MotoDiscovery is the most experienced motorcycle tour operator on the island, the first to ever offer legal people to people travel authorized by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control. Yes! Even Americans can legally travel to Cuba. We’ve been doing it since 2012.

The MotoDiscovery office is heavily engaged in the extensive pre-tour preparations providing you with turn-key service. Your round trip airfare is included.  Experience. Value. Comprehensive inclusions. Consider this the best motorcycle tour available in Cuba.

This is a great introduction to Cuba. Designed as a road tour meaning itinerary is intended to keep you on paved road surfaces. This is an ideal tour for singles or couples. Accommodations in Cuba will be a blend of the popular casa particulares,homestays, and the best available hotels. One must understand that Cuba has yet to develop the stylish tourism infrastructure that MotoDiscovery is known to provide. This aside, Cuba is a fascinating travel experience. You should grab it now. While we still can!

NOTE: This tour demands early bookings. Please sign up today


  • From the time you make your reservation, the MotoDiscovery office is engaged in obtaining visas, lining up your air and arranging services. Don’t underestimate the value of our experience when it comes to Cuba services. We are the best.
  • Your tour begins with the group gathering in Miami. That night is included in the tour.
  • You will be only in the air less than an hour from Miami. Your flight ticket is included.
  • People to people. Keeping it authentic. Keeping it legal. Our meaningful engagement with the people of Cuba is the real thing, digging into all parts of society, learning about the culture and history of the island.
  • Havana. It is a magical city. Its Spanish Colonial era walls and fortresses, 1950’s vintage cars, seaside promenade and romantic ambiance will seduce you.
  • The tobacco region of Vinales to the west of Havana is often overlooked, but for cigar aficionados, it is where the finest wrapping leaves in the world are lovingly grown and harvested. The riding is also some of the most scenic on the island
  • Playa Larga. Swim in the tranquil waters of the Bay of Pigs, enjoy the hospitality of families in the seaside village and dine on some of the best traditional seafood dishes you will find anywhere.
  • Trinidad. A 16th-century Colonial era relic and UNESCO World Heritage City and the surrounding valleys satisfied the sweet tooth of the world with its scores of sugar plantations and mills. At night the plaza comes alive with music and dance.
  • The ride. Roads are very lightly traveled with a variety of scenery from tropical mountains to turquoise seaside vistas. Small villages will be welcoming at every stop.
  • Music and dance are everywhere. It is Cuba and the Casa de Musica when the sun goes is where you will want to be, a tradition in every town and village.
  • Our staff is the best. As the most experienced motorcycle touring company serving all of Latin America since 1981, you will benefit from the quality of genuine service and our dedication to sharing the Cuba we have come to know and love.
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