The Discover Iguazu Falls Motorcycle Tour is considered light adventure, riding on paved roads of varying quality and condition with only occasional unpaved sections, easily navigated by any experienced touring enthusiast. While portions of travels might be considered to be in lesser developed regions of South America, this event is very “couples friendly” with elevated style in romantic accommodations and the usual MotoDiscovery premium amenities and inclusions. Daily distances are moderate. This is not an endurance ride. The principal highlight is to experience the indescribable waterfalls of Iguazu in all of its power and natural wonder. Early reservations are required in order that we may secure the best in accommodations and services. Please commit early. 



  • It is the perfect time of year to be in the southern hemisphere with pleasant fall temperatures.
  • This event begins in the city of the Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina. With accommodations in the desirable Recoleta district you will be poised to launch out and explore the revitalized old port area of Puerto Madero and the old classic streets of San Telmo. Come early!
  • In the Austral summer it is the St. Tropez of South America, Punta del Este, Uruguay is a hip beachfront city with a worldwide reputation for nightlife, glimmering beaches and style.
  • Uruguay, like neighboring Argentina, is the master of asado, the honored technique of slowly grilling meats. So delicious it has been known to convert vegetarians to carnivores!
  • Cambará do Sul is a region of deep canyons, the largest in the country of Brazil. This ride is filled with such day to day dynamics.
  • Naturalists will love the Ibera Wetlands of Argentina, the second largest marshlands in the world, teaming with wildlife and stunning flora.
  • Iguazu Falls. It is wider than Niagara Falls, steeper than Victoria Falls and arguably much more beautiful. Our two nights here will permit us to get up close, to experience this force of nature. It is actually 275 falls along a 1.67 mile stretch where two rivers and the two countries of Argentina and Brazil join. Iguazu, unlike Niagara, is in a more natural setting. This is more than just a highlight of the tour. It could be the highlight of all your travel experiences.
  • You will appreciate the service, the congeniality of the MotoDiscovery staff who are committed to your safety and assuring your satisfaction.
  • This tour is limited to 12 participants. Early reservations are recommended in order to permit us to secure the best in accommodations.
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