This is a couples-friendly light adventure tour that will involve some unpaved portions, however easily navigated by any experienced riding enthusiast. The emphasis is to capture the absolute highlights, the essence of Southern Patagonia in a shorter but moderately paced riding event. Accommodations, services and amenities are premium in design yet The Essential Patagonia Tour offers great value.Tour size is limited to 10 people plus staff to further add to the quality of the experience. Compare and you will recognize the value, the elevated quality and the practicality of this exclusive South America touring experience.


  • Have you been to Patagonia but would like to return with a loved one or family member? Are you short on time? Do you prefer something in the “light adventure” category rather than an intensive challenge? The Essential Patagonia Tour is exactly what you need.
  • Quality. We stress this because this tour supports the idea that for just a little more, you get a lot more. Consider this a premium touring event in every way.
  • Perito Moreno Glacier. It is a natural wonder of the world, 97 square miles, 3 miles wide, and only one of three on the planet that is actually continuing to grow. To feel the energy and witness the thunderous calving of tons of slicing ice will be a highlight of this adventure
  • The estancia experience. One can hardly visit Patagonia without enjoying the typical ranch known as an estancia. In our case it will be rustic elegance surrounded by  jaw dropping scenery. Be a gaucho for a day enjoying a horseback ride, go fly fishing, take the bike out for exploration. No doubt there will be a traditional asado, grilled meats on an open fire accompanied by fine Argentina wine. 
  • Torres del Paine is the image often associated with southern Patagonia. Its three granite peaks ascend into the clouds where condors soar. With Puerto Natales serving as your base, you are free to explore. This is one of Chile’s largest national parks. A great ride in the most spectacular of natural settings
  • Ushuaia, Argentina. It is the most southern populated city on earth. This old port town on the Beagle Channel is situated on the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego. 
  • Fine dining. MotoDiscovery continues to adhere to providing the most exciting dining experience possible, offering more meals and distinctive cuisines. Go ahead and compare. We are the best. Meal time is a celebration at MotoDiscovery. Be prepared to add a few pounds!
  • Wildlife is abundant.  Scampering foxes and guanacos, cousins of the lama, are common sightings. The South American ostrich known as the nandu will express curiosity as they bound along the side of the road. Condors own the skies. Penguins frolic on beaches. Patagonia is alive. 
  • The service. We know South America. For decades we’ve been exploring the continent and in this part of the world, experience really matters. Ride with MotoDiscovery and you are riding with the best.
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