This unique motorcycling adventure involves both paved and unpaved road surfaces. While not overly technical, prior off-road riding experience is required. Personal motorcycles will be used with MotoDiscovery facilitating and including round-trip ocean freight from Houston, Texas to South America. If you desire a rental motorcycle please inquire with MotoDiscovery. 

Participation will demand acceptance, on occasion, of less than the usual high MotoDiscovery standard of accommodations, the remote nature of the Amazon lacking tourism infrastructure.

Expedition Amazona is suitable for couples however passengers should have prior pillion experience off road and in less than predictable third world conditions. Participants will be required to provide riding history, experience, and health information.

Early sign up is required.



  • Service begins well before the actual ride with MotoDiscovery calling on decades of experience to facilitate the ocean freighting of your personal motorcycle to and from South America.
  • Puno, Peru rests on the shores of Lake Titicaca near the border with Bolivia and is the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,500 ft. We will visit a distinctive native culture, the Urus, living on floating reed islands.
  • Machu Picchu, the imposing Inca mountaintop archeological wonder, is one of those magical places that everyone should visit.
  • Sitting at over 11,000 ft, Cuzco for the Inca Empire was the center of their universe. For Spanish colonizers, it was the dominant religious, business and civil capital of Peru and the expansive Andean conquest. You will love the blend of native indigenous and European Colonial charm.
  • Manu National Park will no doubt be most memorable and our first introduction to the Amazon, nearly 18,000 square kilometers of the largest, most diverse, flora and fauna rich reserve on the continent. We’ll ride there, then take its waterways deep into the Amazon Basin to overnight there for an authentic nature experience.
  • The TransAmazon Highway is controversial, spawning communities, a slash and burn mentality and run away agriculture that has impacted the environment with the destruction of the rainforests. The road is largely unpaved, a challenge during the rainy season, an artery that connects distant villages and communities.
  • The Colca Canyon of Peru can hardly be missed, best known for its population of condors that in the morning hours, sail to great heights aided by the warming thermals. A sight to behold.
  • Belem is one of the oldest cities in Brazil with strong Portuguese influences. From here we will journey two days by primitive boat on the Amazon River.
  • On the Amazon River of Brazil, we’ll load people and bikes aboard primitive boats, sleeping in hammocks and witnessing village life along its banks. It is arguably the longest river in the world and largest by discharge volume.
  • Through Brazil, we’ll travel across French Guiana, ending in the Dutch Colony of Suriname. These rarely visited countries on the Atlantic Ocean each have their own charm and history with cultural and heritage connections with their European founders.
  • Fordlandia. A ghost town in the middle of the jungle, a sprawling compound of abandoned factories, housing, and infrastructure. It was Henry Ford’s dream gone bust to grow plantations of natural rubber and make the tires to keep his cars rolling. A unique and distant bit of automotive history seen by few.

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