The Iran Motorcycle Tour is scheduled to be on primarily paved roads of varying quality and subject to areas of construction. This is not a tour for the novice rider. This tour is heavy on the culture and history with the purpose of engaging with the local people. World travelers universally claim that Iran and its people are some of the most welcoming in the world. This was our experience during our first journey there in 2006 with a group of a dozen Americans.


MotoDiscovery Adventure Motorcycling in Iran

  • This tour is limited to ten motorcycles. Early reservations are essential to obtain visas in advance.  Be one of the few to claim the experience of riding the Islamic Republic of Iran and come to know it as only an adventurer can.

  • We start with your arrival in Istanbul, the magical city which was once known as Constantinople. Be sure to come in a day or two early to experience this city on the Bosphorus, where Asia and Europe meet.

  • Motorcycles will be conveniently positioned near the border city of Van in Eastern Turkey. Domestic flights from Istanbul are reserved and included in the tour price.

  • Hard cases in hard places. Visas, logistics, motorcycles and local ground support are expertly researched and orchestrated for you by the MotoDiscovery international team.

  • Mount Ararat, the imposing snow covered peak along the Iran -Turkey frontier where according to legend. rests Noah’s Ark, will stir you just as it has civilizations through the millennia

  • The capital city of Tehran will provide the opportunity to piece together Iran’s history, from ancient Persia to the recent era of the Islamic Revolution. It will also be your chance to engage the people, known for enthusiastic cordiality. Yes. Even to Americans.

  • The bazaar of Isfahan, with mounds of aromatic spices, delicious sweets, rugs, and textiles, will have you witnessing ancient shopping traditions. The city’s blue tiled mosques surrounding one of largest sprawling plazas in the world is a Unesco World Heritage Site and a stunning example of Persian-Islamic architecture.

  • Qom city is the religious center of Iran where it is our hope to have a one on one with local religious leaders, an engagement that no doubt will be enlightening.

  • Near the city of Shiraz, we visit the archeological site of Persepolis (519 B.C.), destroyed by Alexander the Great in the third century BC but still graced towering columns, an imposing remnant of the Persian empire.

  • Roughly half of Iran is mountainous, the rest open desert and fertile plains. The ride will offer the kind of variety that is appealing to the adventure motorcycle traveler.


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