Our Moab Immersion Training is designed for ANY LEVEL OF RIDER who has the desire to travel beyond the pavement and who wishes to improve the important fundamentals required to ride in a variety of off-road conditions. Because this is a small-group training, all levels of riders are welcome to attend and will gain valuable skills regardless of off-road experience.

The nature of this event demands a dual-sport, street-legal motorcycle equipped with proper tires. This event is well suited for dual-sport motorcycles in the 250-890cc range. You should already know how to ride and have substantial pavement riding experience.

Our Moab Rider Training is part of our Immersion Training Series and consists of personalized adventure rider training and scenic touring on some of the best paved and off-pavement roads in the Southwest. This event is limited to just 10 motorcycles. The ride consists of both paved and off-pavement roads of varying degrees of technicality and has several options that can be adjusted to meet the personal level of challenge desired. 

Rider training curriculum on this Immersion Training Event personalized to the level of each rider. Only move on to the next exercise when you feel ready to do so. 


Rider training. There are a handful of decent training opportunities out there for introducing you to the world of adventure motorcycle touring. A weekend of coaching will certainly be of benefit. But if you really want the training to become planted, you must apply those newly learned skills. Immersion Training is the answer - and you will marvel at the results.

Even experienced riders who have developed less-than-perfect riding habits can benefit. And because the groups are small (limited to just 10 participants), you can count on getting plenty of one-on-one low-pressure coaching allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Small group off road motorcycle training with MotoDiscoveryIf you think this Moab Adventure Training is all about the classroom, you’ll think differently as you ride the wondrous desert terrain and with each day feel your confidence build and your enjoyment soar. You will gradually ride more relaxed, becoming one with your motorcycle as we train each day of the event in different environments. What was once white-knuckle will gradually transition to exhilarating, confident touring. That is our goal.

So if you have the desire and the dream of taking on the exotic corners of our planet, a MotoDiscovery training event is the best place to begin. Again, applying those skills by combining training with a tour will give you the best results.  The thrilling Copper Canyon, the wilds of Patagonia, the highest passes of the Himalayas and seeing the condors flying high over the Andes are next. We’ll take you there, too.

Call us today or send an e-mail with your questions. Let the adventure begin!



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