Unique cross-island Cuba tour just announced!

Cuba from East to West - Don't miss this side of the island!

MotoDiscovery is the only tour company licensed to offer motorcycle tours of Cuba for U.S. citizens!

Through an exclusive arrangement with Antilles Travel, MotoDiscovery is authorized to advertise and promote these programs made possible under the license held by Antilles Travel LLC: OFAC License No. CT-2013-299634-1. 
The license permits legal group travel for “people-to-people educational exchange” resulting in “meaningful interaction” with Cuban citizens.

There is no better way to engage the people of Cuba than by traveling on two wheels. A ride through the Cuban countryside, stopping in rural villages, tobacco farms, music and art schools, etc., will prove a truly enriching and rewarding experience as we engage in our comprehensive schedule of People-to-People (P2P) exchanges designed to inform, educate and promote meaningful interaction with Cubans from all walks of life.

Flights take you directly from Miami to Havana, our point of arrival and departure. Thereafter our exciting itinerary explores Havana—Cuba’s sensual time-warp capital
 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site—plus the province of Pinar del Río, renowned for its stupendous scenery and as the center for tobacco production in Cuba. We’ll then journey east to Santa Clara, a city steeped in the cult of revolutionary icon ‘Che’ Guevara… Ride south through the pine-clad Sierra Escambray mountains… Steep two days in the colonial past while strolling the cobbled streets and plazas of Trinidad, founded in 1514… And even visit the Bay of Pigs to witness first-hand the landing site and museum dedicated to the failed 1961 CIA-sponsored invasion by Cuban-American exiles.

Creaky ox-carts hauling sugarcane, cowboys on horseback, and a never-ending parade of classic Yankee automobiles from the 1950s add to the surreal sense of time arrested. We’ll engage with owners of these vintage cacharros to learn how they’ve managed to keep their antique relics on the road throughout decades of embargo and shortage. And n
o matter your motorcycle brand preference, Cuba’sharlistas (owners of pre-revolutionary Harleys) are legendary and enjoy a near celebrity status even in their home country. We’ll arrange encounters with members of this affable clan and learn, one on one, how they, too, have managed to keep these machines alive through economic deprivations and a lack of spare parts. 

Everywhere we ride we’re surrounded by m
usic and dance—the pulsing undercurrent of life in Cuba. We’ll begin to understand why as we witness a lesson for gifted young musicians being tutored in violin at the Escuela de Arte in San Antonio de los Baños. Plus we’ll enjoy a thorough immersion in popular culture, from son and salsa to santería—the island’s syncretic religion fusing African and Catholic faiths.

And as to the rum and cigars! If you have a friend who lights up he (or she) will certainly beg you to bring a few home. Sorry! Cuban cigars are still on the list of prohibited items that you can bring into the USA. Still, tobacco has a long and fascinating history and to witness the maestros hand rolling the beautiful cured leaves is an essential activity while in Cuba. Fortunately, it’s no crime to puff on apuro while in Cuba, nor to wash it down with fine añejo rum.

 This tour will be hosted by Cuba specialist and award winning author, Christopher P. Baker. To learn more about Christopher or to order his book, Mi Moto Fidel, Motorcycling Castro's Cuba, go to this link: www.christopherbaker.com

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