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May 22nd 2014

MotoDiscovery Returns to Iran in 2015

In 2006 MotoDiscovery staged an incredible motorcycle tour through Iran with a dozen Americans. We are excited to announce that in 2015 we will be returning to this ancient land once known as Persia. We consider this one of our greatest accomplishments, an event that stirred controversy but proved again that pleasant surprises await those who are willing to take on the lesser traveled roads of the world. Link to Iran webpage
Mar 8th 2014

Black Sea to the Caspian Tour a sell out 2014

Turkey has long been one of our favorite destinations, centered within an incredibly diverse and culturally rich part of the world offering MotoDiscovery a multitude of great riding opportunities. Learn more HERE about the Black Sea to the Caspian ride with MotoDiscovery
Mar 8th 2014

Cuba. The time to ride there is NOW!

Windows have opened and closed to this fascinating island that lies a mere 90 miles off the coast of Florida and one can not help but feel that it is a place that is on the cusp of change. The "people to people" experience where we provide a schedule of meaningful interactions throughout the journey has proven to be the perfect way to discover the real Cuba.
Mar 7th 2014

TOURATECH Copper Canyon to the Baja Expedition

Touratech Rides - Copper Canyon to Baja Mexico Tour with MotoDiscovery

Come ride with Touratech and MotoDiscovery as we explore some of the most beautiful and primitive areas of Mexico.

Read more about the TOURATECH Copper Canyon to the Baja ride with MotoDiscovery

Feb 7th 2014

Ladakh High Himalayas Expedition, The Adventure of a Lifetime

It exceeded expectations, a ride across the highest motorable passes in the world through the Himalayas of India's Ladakh region. Reservations are now being accepted for 2014 and to give you a little inspiration go to the new tour page Photo Albums. It is adventure touring unlike anything ever offered by MotoDiscovery.
Feb 6th 2014

Around the Black Sea. Contrary to Ordinary

Few will deny that Europe offers some of the most delightful motorcycle touring in the world. The MotoDiscovery Around the Black Sea Tour is a blend of style, intrigue, exceptional riding and a touch of edginess....
Jan 8th 2014

South America Explorer blasts off from Cartagena, Colombia

Is this your dream South America Adventure? Our guys are down there as we speak and are relishing in all of the riding adventure and unexpected cultural experiences that make this trip a once in a lifetime feat. Check out our SAX page for more info
Nov 1st 2013

Touratech and MotoDiscovery Baja & Copper Canyon Adventure Ride

Touratech needs little introduction as the premier motorcycle designers and manufactures of great adventure motorcycle touring accessories. We’ll be sharing the road and occasional dirt with the boys out of Seattle based Touratech USA, exploring the Baja and the Copper Canyon regions of Mexico. This event will be staged in March of 2014 and limited to only 12 bikes so get ready to jump in when we send the word. Sign up to get the MotoDiscovery Navigator newsletter for the latest in adventure touring information.
Oct 18th 2013

Cuba Tours Exceed our Expectations

While we knew that Cuba would offer a unique touring opportunity, according to our travelers the embargoed country has provided an experience that has far exceeded our expectations. Beyond the warmth of an extremely gracious people, tour participants have declared that the quality of riding to be a pleasant surprise. The "people to people" activities, a requirement as holders of an official license from the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, is actually adding to the value contributing to a an authentic and highly rewarding engagement with the locals.

New dates for the coming season have been posted and reservations are being accepted. To see an article recently published in the Richmond Dispatch and to hear an on the scene interview on the BBC program, The World, go to these links.

Richmond Dispatch Article
Oct 17th 2013

Momentum Building for Alaska Ride & Sail Tour

It begins conveniently from this summer's annual BMWMOA National Rally in Salem, OR, a fact that has made this Light Adventure tour one to consider. Riding up to the 50th state and returning by way of the Alaska Marine Ferry through the scenic Inland Passage, this tour will soon sell out. Plans need to be made in advance and all reservations should be in by no later than April 1. Contact us today to secure your space.

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