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Oct 16th 2013

Ecuador 10 Day Tour

Along with co-host and world traveler, Tiffany Coates, reservations are still being accepted to join this BMWMOA sponsored event to what we feel is the gem of the continent, Ecuador. With ranges of the Andes mountains pock marked with snow capped volcanoes, the lush Amazona, beaches and the Spanish Colonial influences, Ecuador offer all that makes for thrilling motorcycle adventuring. Contact us right away to reserve you space.
Oct 15th 2013

MotoDiscovery Alaska Tour to Start from BMW MOA International Rally in Salem, OR

Reservation requests are being accepted for a 20 day tour to Alaska, returning via the Alaska Marine Highway, a four day cruise through the Ring of Fire and the extremely scenic Inland Passages. This Light Adventure MotoDiscovery tour will conveniently start in Salem, Oregon and timed to coincide with the annual BMW MOA International Rally. Early reservations are required
Oct 14th 2013

South America Explorer 60 Day

A more Attractive Price for 2014
We've chopped thousands of dollars off the price of the 60 Day South America Explorer for 2014. How did we do it? By eliminating only one inclusion; the luggage vehicle. We felt that schlepping your luggage was one luxury this adventure tour could do without. The savings are substantial while leaving intact the stylish accommodations, incredible dining and outstanding guidance and tour preparation. And you can ride your own bike or rent one of ours. But there is one catch. Preparations are intense and early team building is important. You simply can't sign up last minute. Act today
Oct 13th 2013

World Traveler Tiffany Coates to Ride Ecuador with BMWMOA and MotoDiscovery

Bringing an even greater compliment to an outstanding motorcycle touring event, world traveler Tiffiany Coates will be with us April 12-21, 2013 co-hosting the BMWMOA sponsored 10 Day Tour of Ecuador, riding a country she quickly admits to being one of her favorite. She'll make great company on this light adventure South American ride. We urge you to go to this Youtube link for a quick video introduction to Tiffany - unscripted, and join us for a fun time in Ecuador
Oct 11th 2013

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America to Sponsor Special Ecuador Light Adventure Tour

Set for April 12-21, 2013 the nearly 30,000 member BMW MOA will be sponsoring a 10 Day Light Adventure tour of Ecuador followed by an optional 6 day cruise to the Galapagos Islands. This tour is exclusively for BMWMOA members. For more information go to this link and sign up today.
Oct 10th 2013

Cuba Motorcycle Tours now Legal for US Citizens through MOTODISCOVERY

Under license from the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, MotoDiscovery is now able to conduct legal motorcycle tours of Cuba. American citizens may now fly direct from the USA to Cuba legally with MotoDiscovery and can expect itineraries to have meaningful people to people engagement as required. Both ten and 15 day tours are offered.
Oct 8th 2013

High Himalayas Road to Ladakh Tour added to the line up

This is a dream tour, a true adventure at over 18,000 feet riding the highest motorable road in the world in the northern Tibetan region of India. We're taking reservations for our first ride through the Himalayas You can join MotoDiscovery founders, Skip & Nancy Mascorro June 30 - July 16 on the High Himalayas Road to Ladakh For more information
Oct 7th 2013

Mi Moto Fidel, "Motorcycling Castro's Cuba" author to lead tours for MotoDiscovery

Christopher Baker has penned numerous award winning travel guides featuring countries such as Colombia, Cuba and Costa Rica. In the motorcycling world he is better known for his written account of riding through Cuba on his BMW R/100GS. The author of Mi Moto Fidel will be lending his expertise of Cuba as a guide on a number of tours. Look for further announcements soon.
Oct 6th 2013

MotoDiscovery granted license to operate tours legally in Cuba

MotoDiscovery is the only motorcycle touring company to have license from the US Department of Treasury to legally offer to US citizens motorcycle travel to Cuba. Look to see announced in the coming weeks a full schedule of motorcycle tours of Cuba beginning November 2012. Expect these to be highly educational and enlightening tours following the required "meet the people" criteria which has always been a part of the MotoDiscovery travel experience.
Oct 4th 2013

Early sign up urged for South America Explorer Motorcycle 2013 Expedition

It is a 62 day journey starting in Cartagena, Colombia and ending at the very southern tip of South America on Tierra del Fuego. This event requires considerable planning and if you have this one on your bucket list, now is the time to commit.

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