This event is scheduled to ride primarily on paved surfaces of varying conditions. Some short distance unpaved segments can also be expected however all easily navigated by experienced touring enthusiasts. This is not a tour for a new or novice rider. Traffic travels on the left side of the road, a condition easily adapted to in a short period of time. This tour should be considered an adventure however well suited for couples or singles with ample space available in the support vehicle for non-riding participants. Tour runs during ideal climate conditions for the region. Early reservations are required.


  • The royal palaces of the maharajas are more than historical monuments. Almost every night they are your home, regal and spacious accommodations with fine services fit for kings and queens. Doing it in style.

  • The 15th-century fortress of Mehrangarh in Jodhpur is but one of many giant walled forts in Rajasthan, a piece of history that begs to be explored.

  • Taj Mahal, one of the great seven wonders of the world, a monument of one man’s passionate love for a woman. Count this as a must on your bucket list.

  • Cuisine. A culinary adventure that becomes a highlight of the event. You won’t find beef but as the dishes of finely spiced curries, seasoned vegetables, lamb, and chicken are served complimented by nan bread hot out of a wood fired oven, you will discover the food of India to be one of its most notable treasures.

  • The Royal Enfield motorcycle. It is primitive, highly utilitarian, ample in power and performance and a blast to ride. We consider the 500 cc Enfield Bullet as the perfect bike for India.

  • The support services and staff are the best. There are many who offer tours of India, however, our partners are the pioneers, the most experienced and well tuned to the needs and preferences of Westerners

  • The Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is a  392 square kilometer rugged range of mountains and valleys. It may take some effort however we arrange 4X4 safaris to seek them out. There are believed to be roughly 60 tigers here.  Sighting just one will be a treasure to remember.

  • TheBharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Even if you are not a “bird person” by the end of this excursion you will be. The habitat is stunning and the wildlife that shares the preserve is memorable, not to mention the chauffeured three wheel bicycle ride!

  • The amazing culture of India constantly stimulates. The caring Sikh peoples offer roadside masala tea for free and their temples feed thousands each day in Delhi. Buddhism, Islam, and Hindu lend to the religious fabric and special spirituality.

  • Quality. The MotoDiscovery tour is more expensive, we know. But with an abundance of low-end tour operators in India that cater to the “budget” crowd, you can be confident you are getting the best when you ride with us. Doing India on the cheap is possible. That is not how we roll at MotoDiscovery.


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