This is a once in a lifetime opportunity; a total solar eclipse of the sun will take a swath of northern Patagonia of Chile and Argentina into complete darkness. Those who have experienced this terrestrial phenomenon claim the emotional impact is unrivaled. 

This tour is ideal for couples or singles, and will be primarily on paved roads. Unpaved portions will be well maintained, easily navigated by any experienced touring enthusiast. And while this solar event may be just an excuse, this is not to take away from the good fortune of having the direct path shadow some of the best riding in this part of South America, straddling the Andes and the stunning lake regions of northern Patagonia. Early reservations are a must and should be received with your deposit by no later than November 1. Talk it up among your friends.


  • A total eclipse of the sun. The earth will be blanketed in eerie total midday darkness, the sun blocked by the moon, a rare alignment that has throughout the time of man brought fascination, fear, wonder and delight. To better enjoy this remarkable event, we will be “glamping” on the day of the eclipse, adding a connection to nature, and giving us plenty of time and room to fiesta!
  • San Carlos de Bariloche is famous around the world for its Bavarian character and Alpine flavors. Resting in the foothills of the Andes along a stunning lake, this Argentina village offers a launching place for riding exploration around the lake, or just relaxing, taking advantage of available spa treatments, or walking the town.
  • Villa Pehuenia. The lake is placid, the village tiny, the setting is beautiful. A great day of riding where you will enter Argentina from Chile
  • Osorno. Our tour begins and ends in this region of Chile also known also for its lakes, volcanoes and delightful riding. 
  • The service. What can we say. MotoDiscovery makes this a seamless event in every respect, doing it with style, while never missing the opportunity to share with you the culture and history of the lands we travel.
  • The ride is wonderful. Wandering the foothills of the Andes through pine forests, never far from vistas of deep blue glacier lakes, the northern Patagonia offers some of the nicest riding in all of South America.
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