The Copper Canyon Expedition is largely on paved roads, necessary to reach the heartland of the canyon complex and the best off-road riding in the Americas. For this reason, we suggest the minimum displacement be 400 ccs. Large adventure motorcycles demand skills and physicality in line with the weight and performance of the bike. Tires should at minimum be 50/50 (on and off road). One should have at least some prior off-road experience and physicality. This is more than just a ride. Expect to learn of, and gain a deep appreciation for, the natural wonder of the region as well as the history and culture of its inhabitants. We encourage participating in one of the MotoDiscovery Adventure Rider Training Tours to tune your skills. You are also encouraged to call MotoDiscovery for consultation to determine if this is the right ride for you.

This tour makes a superb platform for MotoDiscovery to design your own private custom riding event. Go to our Custom Tour Questionnaire today and let us build the perfect tour for you and your friends.

Discover Authentic Mexico in the Copper Canyon


  • MotoDiscovery is the expert when it comes to the Copper Canyon. Our travels through this region date back over three decades. We know the land, its people, the history and its challenges. It is a magnificent motorcycle adventure but has to be taken seriously.

  • Smaller groups mean more flexibility and better service. The Copper Canyon Expedition is limited to eight bikes plus staff.

  • Nuevo Casas Grandes in the Chihuahua desert is actually a large Mormon community as well as an area once dominated by the pre-Colombian Paquime civilization. We’ll visit Paquime ruins.

  • The primitive Tarahumara Indians, many living in caves and still attired in loin cloth and blouses designed by the first Spanish conquistadors, are fascinating inhabitants of this area of the Sierra Madres.

  • Batopilas. For many years it was a challenging descent into a chaparral canyon to this old mining village dating back to the 17th century. Today it is nearly paved all the way however it is as stunning a ride as ever. We just don’t get as dirty!

  • The Copper Canyon region is actually now designated as a National Park. The European designed and built teleférico provides a stunning view of the canyon region and for those who dare, a heart pounding zip line flight you will never forget.

  • The support. The Copper Canyon is unforgiving and remote. You can ride relaxed knowing MotoDiscovery experts have your back.

  • The roads. For today’s adventure touring enthusiast the roads of the Sierra Madres have it all. River crossings, canyon descents and ascents, fantastic sporting paved mountain curves and just the kind of challenge that we all long for.
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