This tour is designed for participants to use their own motorcycles. MotoDiscovery will manage turn-key shipping container ocean freighting, round trip Houston to South America. The event is routed on a mix of maintained unpaved as well as asphalt paved surfaces. While not technically challenging this tour is targeted to the adventurous riders with at least some experience riding unpaved roads. Unpaved roads represent approximately 25% of the route.

The focus of this event is to ride the best of the legendary Ruta 40 (Cuarenta) from the northern frontier with Bolivia to the southern tip of the continent on Tierra del Fuego. It is for riders with a taste for adventure, what the USA Route 66 is for the cruisers, routes filled with legends, history and heritage.

The nature of this tour makes it “couples friendly” although passengers should be somewhat adventurous in spirit and have the endurance to ride the duration. Contact MotoDiscovery to inquire about “partial” tour opportunities where passengers can fly in to do an abbreviated tour should time not favor full participation. We are also able to arrange for you, as an option, an overnight excursion to Antarctica. Contact MotoDiscovery for details. Sign up today.


  • Riding your own motorcycle. The preparations even bring great enjoyment. The familiarity of riding your own bike adds to the pleasure and there is value that exceeds renting.
  • La Mano de Desierto. You have dreamed of being photographed in the shadow of this iconic image of a towering hand rising out of the remote Atacama Desert...we’ll make it happen!
  • San Pedro de Atacama. Crossing from Chile into Argentina to stage for the ride down Ruta 40, we’ll experience an arid beauty that is reminiscent of the most scenic you will find in Utah, Arizona and the deserts of WadiRum of Jordan.  
  • The Reserve of Los Flamencos. If lucky we’ll witness the incredible fauna of this 300 square mile reserve of lagoons and salt flats inhabited by colorful flamencos and other wildlife.
  • The Ruta 40. It stretches for more than 3,100 miles from the top of Argentina all the way to the southern tip of the continent on the shores of the Straits of Magellan. It follows the ancient Inca Trail and passages of the native Tehuelche people. To keep it interesting, we’re going to occasionally get off “la Cuarenta” to catch some remarkable riding along the way.
  • The Patagonia. It is as barren and remote as any place on the planet, windswept and sparsely populated by the most hardy of inhabitants, you will marvel at the isolation and the sheer beauty.
  • The Andes. Ruta 40 runs parallel with the Andes Mountains its entire length. You are never far from stunning views of this compelling region that often hosts the well known Dakar off road race.
  • The wine region of Mendoza. Vineyards abound in the foothills of the Andes, manicured landscapes producing some of the finest wines on the planet.
  • Torres del Paine. This remote southern Patagonia mountain range offers breathtaking panoramas of three towering snow capped and glacier sliced peaks in a National Park. It begs to be explored on foot, horseback, via canoe and of course, motorcycle.
  • The Estancias. A tradition that one must experience. We’ll stay on actual working ranches, home to the gaucho. No doubt the ritual of “asado” grilled meats will be part of the dinner plans.
  • The Perito Moreno Glacier. Nothing can compare to this 20 mile long, nearly 100 square mile mass of ice, one of few in the world that continues to grow. The power and energy of exploding ice crashing into the lake is something you will long remember.
  • The cuisine. Carnivores will be delighted. Here, beef is king. Vegans and vegetarians of course will be easily accommodated, but the “bife” of an asado may tempt you! 
  • Tierra del Fuego. Land of Fire. This is the end of the earth, Ushuaia being the most southern populated place on the planet. Here our journey ends with a return to Punta Arenas, Chile to put the motorcycles in container for return shipment to the USA.
  • The service. We do it best. We’ve been doing it longer than anyone. You will find our staff team to be more than just great leaders. They are fun, responsible and there to make sure you have the best possible experience. That is our commitment.

NOTE: We are often asked about available Antarctica excursions. Contact MotoDiscovery for details about an optional overnight excursion to Antarctica

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