This tour is on paved roads throughout. Any unpaved surfaces will be optional excursions. This is a superb romantic event for couples and intensely flavored with biblical history and ancient archeology. Turkey, contrary to commonly held perception, is very safe and a favorite MotoDiscovery destination for over a decade.

If you Don't Experience Turkey, you are Simply Missing Out!

Motorcycle tour Istanbul Turkey with MotoDiscovery

  • The ancient city of Istanbul, once known as Constantinople, where the straits of the Bosphorus and Sea of Marmara merge. Sultanahmet inside the old walled city is where you will find the Blue Mosque (1616 A.D.) and the architectural wonder of the Hagia Sofia (537 A.D.), the Ottoman Topkapi Palace, Underground Cistern and more.

  • Cappadocia is an arid sprawl of soft volcanic stone pinnacles with carved habitats, including your hotel. You will want to take advantage of a breathtaking hot air balloon ride here. A tour will be organized to the underground city of  Derinkuyu that could inhabit as many as 25,000 people. The story of these subterranean dwellings is as fascinating as the construction itself.

  • Influences of Asia, the Middle East, and Mediterranean Europe creates a uniquely Turkish cuisine. Dining will be a highlight of the Turkey Fantasy Tour

  • The moving WW I battlefield monument of the Gallipoli along the coast of Dardanelles, so much a part of New Zealand and Australia (ANZAC) history.

  • The biblical city of Ephesus dating back to 500 B.C.

  • The waters of the Mediterranean and the hip seaside city of Bodrum with its 15th-century castle. There is also a fascinating museum dedicated to the ancient mariners at this crossroads where Asia meets Europe.

  • The service is the best. Each day will be a history lesson, your escorts not only motorcyclists but authorized and highly educated licensed tour guides.

  • The city of Konya best known as a pilgrimage destination and final resting place of Rumi,  the great 13th century Persian Sufi poet, theologian, and Wiseman.

  • Kekova Island is a 15-minute boat ride taking you to a simple quiet hideaway where one can swim the bluest waters of the Mediterranean. Dine on the shore and hike up the hill to wander a castle built by the Knights of Rhodes during the time of the Crusades.
  • The coastal riding, free of heavy traffic, affords wonderful scenic views of the Aegean and the Mediterranean on pristine roads.


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